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Posted by Ruok On June - 30 - 2007

And a whole bunch of other updates as well. Grab a drink, this is a long one.


Perhaps they’ve finally reconsidered my answers to the Q&A after all. Either that or I really wasn’t good enough. But regardless of what the reason may be, a huge part of me is glad that it is finally over. Preparation for this have stressed me more than anything, which shouldn’t be the case if its supposedly something you are passionately about. That’s what I think anyway.

A special thanks to Jer for encouraging me and bearing with me. I owe ya babe, and let me buy you a drink next time we meet.

Of course, I’ll to admit, a part of me is disappointed as well. I set high standards for whatever I do, and I always aim high. And when I fall short of those standards I always feel disappointed with myself. I realise this applies pretty much to almost all aspects of my life. But while I have always pick myself up and strive to do better the next time round, something tells this would be an exception; as I don’t think I will be doing anything like this in the future.

Perhaps, I’m also disappointed in Him. I mean I might be wrong and this really isn’t what He willed for after all, but if it is, then I cannot really fathom why this short journey was necessary. Of course, His ways are above our ways etc etc, but still, this really feels more like a cruel practical joke. Ok, better stop now before I get hit by a thunderbolt. 😛

In fact, this whole month seems to be like a cruel practical joke. Losing things, losing my beloved ipod, losing a few clients, losing that part time teaching position I was gunning for, losing out on auditions (which is quite common actually so really shouldn’t be part of this list) and losing chances with girls (which is also quite common actually and shouldn’t be part of this list). It’s been one hell of a month. Literally.

Beck – Loser

Heck, the whole first half of the year ain’t that sweet as well. Sure, I’ve gotten myself back to the stage (in more ways than one) but other than that, hardly anything noteworthy had cropped out. True, I’ve been up to my neck in other work as well, but it would have been nice for something cool to prop up every now and then to at least break the tedium of things.

For the next six months, I can’t really say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. I’ve still got a few options to explore, but they are not really that great options. But I’ve got one more busy month to go, before I go and protect this country for the good of foreigners. Hopefully the irony in the jungle air will help shed some light.

But for now, I just glad June is ended.

More Than Meets The Eye

Posted by Ruok On June - 27 - 2007

Guess everyone and their neighbour’s dog will be talking about the Transformers movie soon.

What I’ll always remember the Transformer series for, is not the toys, the cartoons or even the comics.

Nope, what I’ll always remember is “Decepticons”.

Back then, when the series was immensely popular, the hornier amongst us coined a codeword for girls who looked very nice from behind, but when they turned around, they looked like a tranny who has forgotten to shave. Kinda like that biker dude from the Clairol shampoo ad.

Yup, the codeword for them were “Decepticons”.

Yeah, we were awfully wicked, but you must admit, it was a brilliant codeword. 😉

Can Buy A Lot Of Pratas

Posted by Ruok On June - 23 - 2007


Too bad I’m not in the game I guess.

Bought Sexy Black

Posted by Ruok On June - 23 - 2007

Everybody, meet Mindy… and the nice big black hole in my pocket.


Posted by Ruok On June - 19 - 2007

Quite simply, I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. I keep losing my stuff!

At first it was an umbrella which I really liked.

Then it was my Razer Pro pouch containing the other ear plug sizes for my ear phones.

And the big one was today. I lost my almost three year old Angel (ipod). I think it must have slipped off in the cab. I did call the cab company to report the lost but I’m not harboring any hopes that it will be returned.

You know, if all these losing of stuff is a sign that I would be losing my heart soon, I would consider it a small price to pay.

But like Tym said, if only it were that simple. Yeah. If. Only.


I’m really gonna miss you Angel. We’ve been through a lot together. :`(

Lust At First Sight

Posted by Ruok On June - 18 - 2007

Her smile first beckoned me.

I gaze over her slim sexy body.

And I just had to reach out and touch her. Oh! Her skin feels so soft and smooth.

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Posted by Ruok On June - 17 - 2007

My first experience on stage, contrary to believe, wasn’t for acting. It was for singing. Back then I was in kindergarten, and the teacher wanted me in the choir. We were supposed to do an item for some dunno-what Day, and it was also the first time I had to put up makeup.

It’s bad enough for a 5/6 year old to endure “sissy” taunts from his unwell meaning classmates for being in the choir. Then I found out on the day of the performance that I had to freaking put on makeup and lipstick as well. Its enough to make any grown boy cry. And despite my violently childish protests, they went ahead and doll me up anyways.

So there was me, all dolled up on stage, and feeling more petulant than nervous. To top it off, in the midst of singing I could hear the taunting laughter from where I was. Silly me then decided to salvage some lost pride by pretending to sing along instead. But I couldn’t fool some of the unwell meaning idiots in the front row; who were already gesturing to the teacher that I was lip synching. So I dropped the act altogether and luckily the teacher was none the wiser. In fact, she chided those dolts for accusing me! Haha!

And needless to say, I got the lipstick off me in a big hurry as soon as the performance was over.

Looking back, I now wonder if it that traumatic experience had somehow affected my interest in singing…

Sigh. Two more weeks before I’m into the breach again. >.<

9 Weeks Later

Posted by Ruok On June - 14 - 2007

I told her he’s a lucky guy.

I should have asked her if she wanted a better one instead.

This was so not the finale I was hoping for.

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Best Kept Secret : Tai Seng Noodles

Posted by Ruok On June - 12 - 2007

Its hardly July yet and I’m feeling the effects of the self-induced inflation already. If you haven’t noticed, hawker stalls have started increasing their prices around the island. My usual fish soup and rice meal now costs $3.50 instead of $3.00. That’s more than a 15% increase and my income sure hasn’t risen to anywhere close to that level.

Its times like these that a struggling actor like me is grateful for hawker stalls like Tai Seng Noodles, located on the second floor of Amoy Food Centre. Sure, the prices have also went up (they now charge $3 instead of $2.50) but they’ve also increased the ingredients inside. You now get 12 wantons instead of 10.

Best kept secret

Yup, that’s 6 fried wantons on the plate and 6 steamed ones in the soup. Plus a good helping of char siew. All this for just 3 bucks. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than this, in the heart of Shenton Way (or anywhere in Singapore for that matter). The stall also sells other variant of noodles; with pork ribs, fried fish or fried chicken. And they all come with additional helpings of wantons.

Taste wise, I’ll say its passable. I’ll have to admit I’ve tasted better. But it really does fill the stomach. I mean, good golly, I seriously have difficulty finishing the whole plate.

I shudder to think what the $4 variant comes with.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Posted by Ruok On June - 12 - 2007

There are just so many great tv shows out there, which really is a testimony to how creative the American industry is. Its funny how we seem to be copying everything from America, but we fail to copy the good stuff. Anyway I digress.

As there are just too many shows out there, I just can’t possibly catch all of them. And one of these shows is House, M.D..I was fortunate enough to catch a few episodes of it in its second season, and was immensely impressed by the writing. I’m sure fans of the shows dig the House-isms as much as I do.

One that left an impression on me was from the second season’s finale :

“4s marry 4s and 7s marry 7s. Numbers don’t lie.”

Of course, he went on to cite factors which might have caused the mismatch in numbers, like wealth and shotgun weddings. But other than that, the premise is true. Which got me thinking and looking the folks around me.

You know what, he’s quite right. Numbers don’t lie. And if they do, there’s always a reason for the miscomputation.