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The Force Is Strong In This One

Posted by Ruok On January - 27 - 2009

So my little second cousin, all of 13 this year, is starting to take after me.

Which is hardly surprising, I guess, seeing how we both share the same birthday.

Today she showed off her indian accent, her Hongkie accent and her British accent, which delighted everyone.

Why, now that I think about it, I was about 13 years old too when I discovered my flair for acting.

Looks like the apple really don’t fall far from the tree. 😉

Ruok would like to wish all his readers and supporters a happy and prosperous Ox Year!

The Beer Lady

Posted by Ruok On January - 23 - 2009

At first I thought she was going to ask me if I wanted any beer, and since she saw me ordering another drink from the kopi-boy, I’d just smiled at her.

She walked past me, then returned half a minute later and asked if I had been on channel 5 before.

I think this is the first time I kenna recognised by a beer lady.

On another unrelated note, I think I found my gym muse. Friday evenings will never be the same again. 😀

Nothing Better To Do Ah?

Posted by Ruok On January - 23 - 2009

What’s with all these hoo ha about an association being set up man. I had no idea it would create such a commotion when I first read it in Today. I figured most people will read it, laugh it off and then turn their attention to something more worthwhile.

I know I did.

But I guess perhaps everyone is just plain bored and wanted something to break the doom and gloom around us these days.

With the rainy day Budget now catering to just a slight drizzle, I guess we do need all the distractions we can get just to stay sane.

And since we’re on the topic of distraction, I’m seizing this opportunity to announce a club I’m setting up.

Membership is FREE and for females only; just email me a photograph of yourself in bikini, along with your name and phone number. 😉

Nose Job Done

Posted by Ruok On January - 11 - 2009

Feeling damn pro because I nailed most of my scenes in one take. And those that didn’t only took two takes.

Maybe the role is easy (It is, rather).

Maybe the director was bo chup.

But whatever it is, being able to do this after a long hiatus just makes me feel good.

And to top it all, I got paid on the spot.

Not a bad start, not a bad start at all. 😀

Nose Job

Posted by Ruok On January - 8 - 2009

This must be the first time I got offered a role because of my nose.

Yup, I got the role because they think I got a big nose. o.O

My nose very big meh?

But that’s beside the point. I’m just glad I didn’t have to wait too long to land my first role for the year. And since its Chinese drama, I’m glad to see I haven’t totally burn off all my bridges.

Not a bad start to the year at all. And you know what they say about men with big noses. 😉


Posted by Ruok On January - 1 - 2009

That’s what 2008 could be described in a nutshell. It’s been a year of almost-es, in almost every aspect of my life.

It began brightly enough, with me landing a lead role as early as January. It then went steadily, very steadily, downhill after that.

There was of course that big, almost burning the bridges, showdown with a certain station. But my woes had already long begun before that, so I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with that.

Acting-wise, this year is definitely the slowest so far. Its been a year of near hits mostly; going for auditions and not clinching the roles that I wanted. Getting calls out of the blue saying I was shortlisted for something, but not quite making past the final cut. Its been that sort of a year for me.

That trend kinda spill into other aspects of my life as well. I also almost had a new client, I almost had an article published, I almost got my six-pack … well, you get the idea.

It’s been frustrating as hell, when it seems every corner you turn seems to steer you towards a brick wall.

Still, the irony of it all, is that things could have been far worse.

Despite very few note-worthy performances this year, there seems to be a deluge of re-runs which coincided nicely with the screening of my first TVC. It made me more noticeable; I get stares and looks from people so much that I had to check if my fly was open then.

On the money side of things, I’ve lost projects and gained a few, so the final count at the end of the day is about the same as last year. Not quite what I’ve targeted, but at least I’m not worse off. But the point to note is that I achieved all this in far less time than last year, so much so I really felt I was wasting my last quarter of the year away.

Of course, the grand plan was to do more acting in the last quarter, but in this year of almost-es, my plan was always almost going to succeed. Or fail, depending on whether you are the half-empty or half-full type.

The trend also continues for matters of the heart and I’m gonna leave it as that. 😛

I’ve done all that I’ve could this year to not be a victim of circumstance, and on some occasion, I’ve succeeded but have also failed at other times too. What can I say, I’m only human.

As I looked back on my cherries popping entries, I’m glad I’ve at least managed to pop a few this year. In the words of the great philosopher, you can’t always get what you want.

But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get something you need.

It has not been a good year for me and when it’s this close to bottom, chances are Oh Nine will be just divine.

And I hope it will turn out divinely for you too, my readers.

Happy New Year!