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Not Bad

Posted by Ruok On January - 29 - 2008

Its been a while, but I got a call-back today.

The initial audition was almost 2 months ago, so I was really surprised when they called me to go back for a second reading.

I’m seriously starting to like 2008 already.

Of course, stuff like this is a real downer, but when one gets a respite from it almost immediately, then one really can’t complain too much. In any case, I was ranting to her cuz I was so upset over it initially that I forgot to record my episode last Friday! Aaargh!!!

I did manage to get a download off mobtv though, and promptly spent the whole weekend trying to remove the DRM shite. No go.

But I digress. One lead role and one call back. Its my best start to the year evar!

Oh and check out this song I just heard from “Damages”.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Greg Laswell

Not bad hor.


Posted by Ruok On January - 23 - 2008

This will be screened this Friday, TCS 8, 7 pm.

My character had already made a brief appearance, but it was so brief its hardly worth a mention. 😛

This episode however will feature more of me. Remember to watch hor!

And no, I’m not raping/molesting anyone this time round. *mutters*

Cherry popping shoot

Posted by Ruok On January - 22 - 2008

The shoot ended over the weekend, and this was one of the more enjoyable shoots I’ve been on. How not to, when one is popping cherries throughout the shoot?

First cherry : Sentosa Cove and One Degree 15.

It was my first time there and I must say I was quite shocked at how much Sentosa had changed since I last went there. And I can’t honestly say that I feel the change is for the better. But I digress; the yacht club was really nice and the yacht we shot on was also quite lovely.

Second Cherry : Driving A Boat

Captain Steven, the boat owner, was gracious enough to let me drive the boat to our shoot location. He taught me the basics and where the controls are and five minutes later, I was at the helm, negotiating the not so perilous waters towards Sisters Island.

Needless to say, I had a blast driving the boat. Somehow I always knew I wasn’t a land lubber. 😉

Third Cherry : Lying On Deck Beneath The Stars

The yacht had a mattress on deck, perfect for a romantic night on the deck.

Fourth Cherry : Underwater Shoot

It was the first time I shot underwater and I can now appreciate the difficulty of doing it. My first take resulted in me coughing out cospious amounts of seawater, as I went too deep underwater and got my snorkeling sprout submerged as a result.

I had to hold my breadth for most of the takes, due to the need for me to be complete submerged. That and the cold all affected my acting. But the director didn’t say anything about the acting, so I hope it will all turn out well in the end. With this experience, I know I can only do better the next time I’m needed to do an underwater scene, now that I know what to expect.

Gillian played my wife and my “daughter” was played by Jasmine. Gillian terrorised us throughout the shoot with her lame jokes and I daresay I now know how it feels like when some of my friends had to endure my corny moments. But she’s seriously far worse than me. Some of her jokes were really painful man. Actually, she kinda reminds me of George, aka Airhole, aka The Lord of Corn.

Jasmine impressed the whole lot of us with her gung-ho attitude for the underwater shots. I tell you, she’s so brave, she’ll put most of the boys her age to shame. I feel she’ll go far in this industry if she maintains her attitude. And she’s got talent as well. She maybe a little mischievous (I feel that’s part of her charm) but she delivers when it comes to the crunch.

*sigh* If I really had a daughter like her, she’ll so own me completely.

Bar None

Posted by Ruok On January - 21 - 2008

My old bird who had just became a moderator of the Bar just told me that its errm relaunching itself.

And because he’s my cheap DVD supplier, I dare not go against his wishes to plug this relaunch, so as to remain in his good graces.

In fact, I went in to take a look and discover its kinda like the same leh… I guess the relaunch did not include a face lift. But it did meant that anyone who wanted to see what kind of topics were being discussed could just read them without signing up or logging in.

So go check it out and see if you like the Bar. I’ve not been an active member for the longest time now, but I do lurk in from time to time when I’m bored.

Flu Bugged Acting

Posted by Ruok On January - 17 - 2008

Caught the rain on the first day of the shoot and by the end of the shoot, I already felt a sore throat creeping up. But as we only wrap at 11pm and I had an early morning shoot the next day, I had no chance to see a doctor.

So the next day, I really had a sore throat but as I didn’t have much speaking scenes, I thought it was alright for me to continue. It would have been ok if the rest of the flu symptoms didn’t crept up.

Towards the last scene, I was already not feeling well and have already felt this affecting my acting.

But strangely, the director didn’t say anything…. I can only hope I still did well enough despite feeling so out of it.

On another note, my pretty co-star did perk my mood up a bit with her cute antics on the set.

Remind me not to have a daughter next time. I would be so totally at her mercy. >.<

One Night @ Wala Wala

Posted by Ruok On January - 14 - 2008

She sang, “Somewhere in the crowd I hear you him calling me”

And I sang, “Shirlyn!!!”

She sang, “Somewhere in the crowd I hear you him calling me”

And we sang, “Shirlyn!!!”

She sang, “Somewhere in the crowd I hear you him calling me”

And in another corner of the pub, a group of girls sang, “Shirlyn!!!!”

And before the song was over, we got quite a few people in the pub doing it.

Classic. Hehehe.

First Lead Role of 2008

Posted by Ruok On January - 11 - 2008

Gotten my first lead role for the year, which, incidentally is also my first role in the new year. 😀

Its docudrama again, and I’m back on Incredible Tales, after a 4 year hiatus.

I just had a quick look at the script and I’m loving it already. Best part is I get to be on a yacht! How cool is that?

The only downside is the punishing filming schedule, but, what the heck, I get to be on a yacht!

And in case you are wondering, this IS a non villainy role. 😀

Not a bad start to the year, I say, not a bad start at all.


Posted by Ruok On January - 6 - 2008

Much of the nude year was spent on getting to know her intimately.

I was attracted to her right from the very start; how not to when she’s so sexy with her long slim body…her smooth skin… and her pretty face. But I know making her mine would not be an easy task. So I waited patiently for the right opportunity to come along; and it soon did.

In the end, I guess it all boiled down to dinner and a bit of breakfast. But the wooing process leading to the meal was not an easy one. I remember encountering a very bad hiccup which threaten to jeopardise the whole operation; luckily, I had the ingenuity to solve the problem and had her purring out of my hands in the end.

And despite the many misgivings from friends right from the onset, I’m happy to say that they were all uncalled for.

iphone 001

iphone 002

She is quite simply, the best I ever had.

And I’m glad she’s in my life now. 😀