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Posted by Ruok On August - 7 - 2008

I was first introduced to Blue October by Betty, and have been hunting for their album ever since.

I finally got hold of it, and its seriously the best album I’ve heard in ages. Here’s a couple of my favorite tracks :

Into The Ocean

Hate Me


X Amount Of Words

Go check the rest of the album out. 😀


Posted by Ruok On July - 8 - 2008

You are the best one, of the best ones

Come Out Of The Shade

Posted by Ruok On February - 14 - 2008

Come Out Of The Shade – The Perishers (original video here)

Was it love, or just something that reminded me of
Something that felt a lot like, but wasn’t, love
Just friends, friends then, until the end
You know I still pretend, just friends.

Take a step and come out of the shade
I can tell you’re no longer afraid
I’m helpless without your warming smile
Take a step and come out in the sun
I can tell it’s already begun
I’m helpless without your warming smile

Was it love, I think it was but I’m far from sure
I’d never felt that way before, was it love?
Just friends, am I a fool to be asking for,
a fool to wish that we could be more than friends

Take a step and come out of the shade
I can tell you’re no longer afraid
I’m helpless without your warming smile
Take a step and come out here in the sun
I can tell it’s already begun
I’m helpless without you,
Helpless without you,
Helpless without your warming smile
Your warming smile

To everyone who has ever loved before, this song’s for you.

Happy Valentine.

A Great Weak

Posted by Ruok On February - 1 - 2008

This is definitely one of the better week I’m having.

On Wednesday, he said ‘That was a good monologue”, after I performed the second of my monologues in front of his directing class (Rob’s very tall; I almost felt like I was talking to Yao Ming). I felt good because aside from it being a praise from a Hollywood director, it also meant the Method I’ve been employing is bearing fruit.

This is a great encouragement to me as I’m still tweaking my technique in this area.

Nemy was there as well, and I apparently impressed him too. Well, an appreciative audience is always nice, no matter who they are. :)

You already know about the callback I got, and just yesterday, a casting agent approached me to go audition for a gig that would pay more for the one I lost. Audition’s today, so wish me luck!

But in the midst of all these, you remain the one thing that makes me frown.

I wish I didn’t feel so strong about you, like happiness and love revolve around you

But I can’t love you this much baby, and love you from this far

Waiting (however long…)
I don’t like waiting (I’ll wait for you…)
It’s so hard waiting (don’t be too long…)
Seems like waiting (makes me love you even more…)

I’m still waiting for a star to fall, babe.

Not Bad

Posted by Ruok On January - 29 - 2008

Its been a while, but I got a call-back today.

The initial audition was almost 2 months ago, so I was really surprised when they called me to go back for a second reading.

I’m seriously starting to like 2008 already.

Of course, stuff like this is a real downer, but when one gets a respite from it almost immediately, then one really can’t complain too much. In any case, I was ranting to her cuz I was so upset over it initially that I forgot to record my episode last Friday! Aaargh!!!

I did manage to get a download off mobtv though, and promptly spent the whole weekend trying to remove the DRM shite. No go.

But I digress. One lead role and one call back. Its my best start to the year evar!

Oh and check out this song I just heard from “Damages”.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Greg Laswell

Not bad hor.

How Do You Talk To An Angel

Posted by Ruok On August - 20 - 2007

Recently, one of my favourite shower songs kept popping into my head and so I asked on my facebook, “How Do You Talk To An Angel?”, hoping to see if people still remember the song.

Here’s the response I got :

Terz : I don’t date angels. They’re not … naughty … enough.

Betty: i prefer not to date things with wings. cheekens on the other hand, are yummy when bbq-ed…

Kahkilang : Just be yourself!

Theresa : first, you need a ladder. second, breath mints.

Zeus : first you need to ask the angel’s father for permission lah!

Only Hermione & Jer got it right…

Hermione : it’s like trying to catch a falling star

Jer : ask the heights 😛

Although technically, it was The Heights who first asked the question :

All I want to say is I wasn’t really asking the question. After all, I’m rushing into a place where even angels fear to thread…

I Owe You Guys An Apology

Posted by Ruok On July - 10 - 2007

I took a look at my recent entries and I must say, not only are they utterly boring, but they are terribly written as well. I apologise for having made you read the shite.

In my defense, I wanna say I have writer’s block and was just trying to power through the block, but the truth is that there’s really nothing much that had happened which I’d want to blog about … at least those that are in line with the editorial policy of this blog anyway.

So yeah, I would do my best to not put up such entries in the future.

That aside, I just wanna say I’ve finally found a good shower song (after such a long absence) :

Lips of Angel – Hinder

I’d realised of course that this is not the kind of song that you should be belting when you are in a relationship, but hey, since I’m not, I might as well take the opportunity to get it out of my system before I do. 😀

(Oh, and Jer, this song is kinda within my “range”. FYI niah, since you asked)

Maybe Later (Mungkin Nanti)

Posted by Ruok On April - 19 - 2007

Kudos to boo for introducing this to me.

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Way Back Into Love

Posted by Ruok On March - 20 - 2007

All I want to do is find a way back into love. Oh indeed.

On another note, I think this is one of the best romantic comedies I’ve watched. Go watch it if you haven’t.

Was wondering if Haley Benett was an established singer already, and turns out that she’s not! A really good and impressive debut, I must say. Way to go Haley!

Oh I just realised Haley is also the name of my favourite Batman villain. No wonder I’m partial 😛

I’m Yours

Posted by Ruok On February - 14 - 2007

….if you’ll have me. 😉

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