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Paying The Price

Posted by Ruok On March - 31 - 2008

Maybe society has really changed. And certain things that used to be taboo are merely frowned upon these days.

Progress? Its all a matter of perception I guess. And with the rate perception changes these days, I wonder if I can still stay true to my own principles and beliefs at the end of the day.

I suppose only time will tell.

Her words were meant to give me comfort, yet if I believed her, it would make the decision and sacrifice I made then worthless. Perhaps the comfort I take should be that it is now acceptable in this day and age and should a similar incident happen again, I need not make such a sacrifice again.

But I’m really not hoping to be in such a situation again.

I do, however, hope to seek a change in such fortunes. In the past I bear my solitude like a proud badge to let my wounds heal; and now that they have, this badge just seem to be inflicting fresher ones. My track record for the past few years have been abysmal at best, so I must admit, I might have to rely on a little more than my own effort.

Well, a lot more, it would seem, judging by the price I have to pay.

And since they feel they are up to the task, I might as well hand it over to them and see if they can fare better than me.

Good Luck Ruok

Posted by Ruok On March - 26 - 2008

A concerned Jaywalk msned me to ask how the consultation went. I told him its been rescheduled to Sat but I’m not going to be too optimistic about it.

Afterall, its the lack of 桃花运(literally translated as peach blossom luck) that led me here in the first place.

Jay tried to be encouraging and suggested that things might not be so bad; maybe some charbor will have bad luck and since I don’t have 桃花运, I’ll then have my chance.

I had to explain to the poor confused chap that he was very much mistaken. Girls need to have good luck to meet me; if they have bad luck, they will never get to meet me. To meet me, one needs 福气.

To which the poor confused dude asked me if I was like Good Luck Chuck.

Sheesh. Of course I’m not.

I’m way better.

Women don’t need a good luck fuck from me… because when they meet me, they have good luck liow.

The good fuck is a bonus.

That’s why I’m better.

So yeah I guess the cat’s out of the bag now.

I’m Good Luck Ruok. 😉

Find Up Door

Posted by Ruok On March - 19 - 2008

I’ve been musing about it, but I mused no more cuz they have come looking for me already.

I think its all because I went to take some dating personality quiz on their website.

The best part is they addressed me as “Ruok” over the phone. I was like shocked for 5s … how come got charbor call me out of the blue and call me “Ruok”?!

Actually, thats not the best part. The best part is she asked “Are you still single?”

I said “yes, unfortunately”.

And …….. she said “Great!!!”

>.< Anyhoo, it should be fun see them furling their eyebrows over this one. Last time I checked, a struggling actor ain't exactly premium date material. 😉

Re : Visit

Posted by Ruok On March - 14 - 2008

This evening’s audition brought me back to Katong; a place where I had spent most of my life in. This area holds plenty of memories for me… why even the audition place was where my deepest schoolboy crush lived. I’ve always imagined myself coming back here someday when I have it made, but this premature return arranged by fate made me nostalgic nevertheless.

It has changed much; the houses and apartments that I used to know are either torn down or in the midst of re-building, as a result of last year’s en-bloc craze. The area is still littered with lanshops, although the prices are now at a ridiculously low rate of $0.75 an hour. I was surprised to see one of my competitors then still thriving but then again, the shop might have changed hands a few times, just that they retained the name.

Its been too long since I’ve eaten a tau kua pau, and I was pleasantly surprised that the original store is still around, albeit in a renovated coffeeshop. But alas, it was sold out. You guys should really check it out, its called “Mary’s Tau Kua Pau” now, and the coffeeshop is at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road. its just a few steps away from Aston’s.

I decided to go take a look at my old shop unit at Roxy Square and its now occupied by this weird electronic foot reflexolology shop. Can you imagine the shop was still using my old floor carpeting! I had a good laugh outside and I think the patrons there must think I’m laughing at them, judging by the dirty looks they gave me.

hair saloon

Just around the corner was a hair saloon I used to frequent. This saloon is opened by four sisters, and I had been their customer from my corporate slaving days to my entrepreneur days. As I passed by, Lyn (the prettiest one) saw me and started to gesticulate wildly to the rest of the sisters.

I walked in with a broad smile and started saying hi to them. I was glad they were still around. I was also surprised that they recognised me and have caught me on tv before. They told me that while I’ve hardly changed, I looked thinner and more handsome.

Awww shucks.

If you guys are looking for a decent haircut around the vicinity, do check them out. I think the fact that they’ve been around for such a long time is surely a testament to both their skills and standards. And I’ll have you know the haircuts they gave me made me quite the chick magnet back then.

But then again, it might be the car I was driving then that was the magnet…

No Part Too Small

Posted by Ruok On March - 10 - 2008

For most of the past few weeks, I’ve been having a bout of depression. And it took a little role to snap me out of it.

Its really a small part; I accepted it because its gonna be screened on National Geographic, but the fact that it pays well and just takes one Saturday night also played a factor as well.

National Geographic. Imagine that. Its kinda like my first international stint.

The role was simple enough, no lines, just need to be comatose most of the time. And yet, they were very impressed with me; in particular, the scene where I had to react to the defibrillator while I was being revived.

Its nice to be appreciated, of course, but in truth, this really was a simple job for me. So I was kinda sheepish with the praise they were lavishing on me.

I never would have thought such a small role can lift the doldrums out of me.

It is as De Niro would say, “No part too small“.


Posted by Ruok On March - 6 - 2008

A friend was asking me why don’t I “tomorrow” my short so that more will view it. I did think about it, but in light of all the serious issues surrounding us right now, I feel kinda sheepish plugging it.

I’d rather people pay more attention to the shenanigans that is happening to our country right now.

Besides, the short will get its viewers on its Apr 2 screening for the 21st Singapore International Film Festival. On my part, I just really wanted my friends to watch it and tell me what they think.

Because you know you can rely on them to tell you if you really, really sucked.

But feedback has been positive so far, and thanks for taking the time to watch it guys. :)

Kopi-O Kao

Posted by Ruok On March - 1 - 2008

I’ve done quite a few roles last year, and I’ll be hard pressed to name one that I’m really satisfied with. Well, I’ve just gotten a copy of a short I did late last year (in fact it was my last project for the year), and having watched it, I have to say I’m quite pleased with it.

Its a rare thing for me to do comedy, and I’m really glad I did a good job out of it. The producers tell me that they have submitted it to the local film fest, so let’s hope it manages to do well. 😛

In the meantime, enjoy the short, and do give me your feedback.

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