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Posted by Ruok On August - 14 - 2009

Slightly more than a year ago, a client offered a full time position for me. Back then, I politely declined, saying that I want to see how the new English drama direction will unfold and to see if there could be more opportunities forthcoming.

One year down the road, the reality is that there don’t seem to be more opportunities for me. In fact, I think I’ve just had the worst year in acting … and counting.

When I first started pursuing this dream, I told myself I’ll have to re-evaluate my options when things started to head downhill. Last year was not a particular good year in acting, and this year ain’t not much better so far.

By any indication, things are going downhill.

I had wanted to take a break after clearing my backlog of projects to sort myself out. I guess I might have to do that sooner, because two days ago, the client called me into his office and reiterated his offer to me.

Talk about timing.

I guess this is something I have to ponder long and hard over.