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Full Time Report ~ 2011

Posted by Ruok On January - 25 - 2012

Yeah this is late, but better late than never.

2011 has been a really challenging year. Almost everything I did had obstacles to be overcome, and I don’t think I’d ever experience a year that tested my will and determination this much. From the renovations to my new place, from taking helm of a new ship to handling the cargo inspection by Customs, every significant event this year was fraught with obstacles.

This constant battle, this constant fighting with fire, really left me tired and jaded. Not even a 2 week sojourn to Europe granted me much rest. Even that trip itself presented numerous problems and issues for me to tackle. And after my trip, there were still enough battles for me to fight to leave me wanting another break.

To say its been an exhausting year is an understatement. But one important lesson I learnt was that as long as I persevere and don’t give up, I would be able to come out on top. But to be consistently presented with challenges after challenges, there were definitely times where I felt like giving up. Felt like just taking the fall and lie down for a while. I’m glad I didn’t cave in, but it has left me oh so tired.

I think I’ve aged a lot this year.

Earlier this year, I came across this article : The Obstacle Is the Path.

Without the challenges, obstacles, troubles, tragedies, failures, mistakes, problems, dilemmas, conundrums, and even catastrophes, our lives would be less, not more. Once you come to understand this, you realize that the obstacle is the path.

I’m not too sure that my life would be less without obstacles, but I get the meaning that great obstacles can lead to bigger opportunities. It’s just that I wished I hadn’t had so many to deal with this year.

Due to all these challenges, I hardly have the time to delve into acting. Not that many opportunities or good roles came along, but had they come, I would be hard pressed to find the time to do them. I’m hoping this year things will be more stable and I can embark on the project I had in mine when I got my place.

On another note, I’m thinking going behind the camera might not be that far fetched for me after all. This Europe trip I discovered I appreciated good angles and picture composition more than I realised. And judging from the feedback I got from the pictures I took, I think I can possibly develop further in this area. My director plans might not be that far fetched after all.

On the financial front, I’m happy to report not only did I manage to achieve my financial targets, I managed to attain another milestone in 2011 as well. Moving forward though, I don’t really have any lofty goals set. At the moment, I think I just feel like chilling.

So good riddance to 2011 and the Year of The Rabbit. I look forward to a better 2012 and Dragon year. And with such a difficult year behind me, I am confident I will be able to deal with any challenges thrown my way. I just need to get my rest first.

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