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Posted by Ruok On May - 31 - 2006

I think hor, the course is equally as siong as my reservist exercise, if not more siong. The only difference is that I get to have nights off, no mosquitoes and a nice bed to sleep in. Other than that, I think the physical strenous aspect is the same.

My course instructor, Ms Ellen Lauren is going to be interviewed on the Prime Time Morning segment of Channel News Asia tomorrow morning and I hear Arts Central will be filming us as well.

Thankfully, I think they are shooting the afternoon session. Or else you all will see our shag faces on tv. 😛

Will talk more about the course in a later post…


Posted by Ruok On May - 29 - 2006

Off to a week long course next week. It says something about the direction the government is taking when they start putting acting courses into Workforce Development Agency programmes. Don’t get me wrong, a struggling actor needs all the subsidies he can get. 😛

I was just telling my friends that it has now come to this; that I have to pay to act! -_-” Heh. The past few weeks have been really bad to such an extent that I really think I’m in depression or something, cuz my productivity in my other endeavours are at an unbelievable all time low.

So even though the opportunity costs of attending this course is high, I figured I really need a break. And I really need to act. Fast. My soul has been starved for too long liow. 😛


Posted by Ruok On May - 28 - 2006

She was slim, dark and sexy. She tends to attract dirt and scumbags and also tends to get into messy situations at times. But these are not the reasons why I choose to let her go. Of late she has been hanging too often for my liking and so when the right opportunity comes, I thought it would be best for us to part ways, when both of us could still part ways amicably.

So so long and farewell, Eve. May you find yourself in better hands.

And everyone give a big warm welcome to Paqqy. She may not be as sexy as Eve but I’m sure her finer points will shine through eventually. For one thing, it’s already been said her assets are bigger than Eve’s *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

Pics will be up once I get her all juiced up! 😉

A Fitness Report Card

Posted by Ruok On May - 25 - 2006

About four years ago, I decided to invest in a gym membership, cuz I know I really need to. 😛 Of course, after joining, I’ve had hopes of developing a six pack but due to lack of discipline and too much of those-hole-in-the-garden days, I have unfortunately developed 2 packs instead. -_-”

But still, four years of on and off gym training should show for something right? So when I was offered the chance to get checked out, I agreed and here’s my report card :-

Body weight : 65.7kg
Muscle mass : 49.1kg
Body Fat mass : 13.1kg
Body Fat Percent : 19.9%
Basal Metabolic Rate : 1519.8kcal
Resting Heart Rate : 53bpm

I was told that my ideal weight by their estimations should be 62kg, which incidentally is also the ideal amount of fat (3.7kg) I should burn off too. I think if I can achieve this, I should be finally ready for my long overdue photo shoot. 😛

People Are People

Posted by Ruok On May - 24 - 2006

You know how Friendster sometimes inform you that your friends have updated their photos and/or testimonies? While responding to these alerts two days ago, I saw this.

If you find them familiar, take a look at these.

I sought an explanation, and this was what he said, quote

“no offence la… i vain la…want to be the “centre” of attention mah….” and unquote

I guess “sorry” is the hardest word still.


Posted by Ruok On May - 22 - 2006

Ruok would hereby like to inform the industry that due to an unfortunate incident this morning, he would not be able to do scenes that requires shots of him baring his cute ass for a while. Due to an unfortunate sitting position while doing his daily business, (albeit a most urgent one), a red ugly gash is now visibly apparent across his left butt cheek. Some scarring is expected to occur in the future, as the skin was broken and there was definitely, most definitely, bleeding.

He would like to assure the industry that his right butt cheek was not damaged in any way during this morning’s accident and is therefore still available. Previous standard conditions applying to the baring of the two butt cheeks would still apply to the right one.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you, and have a nice day.


Posted by Ruok On May - 20 - 2006

A drink, I need. A few more, perhaps even.

Where The Truth Lies

Posted by Ruok On May - 19 - 2006

Its nice to know who your friends are. They are the ones who would check with you when they have heard untruths about you, for they have known that it can’t possibly be true. Its also nice to know who your “friends” are, and why you would have to be wary around them the next time lest they spread tales about you.

I always take it personally when I get falsely accused, and if the friendship matter, I would trash it out with the alleged accuser. This has always been my modus operandi, and I’m glad that it has panned out so far. However, this time round, it appears that it may not be possible for me to do so, as I’m not ‘supposed’ to be in the know.

I guess you can say its a foretaste of things to come if I’d ever make it big and have to deal with tabloids slamming and sliming me half the time. When that time comes, (if it ever comes :P), I’m more confident now that I would be able to deal with it.

Coz I have true friends, friends who I know will stand by me not because of obligation, but simply, because of truth. And I am most grateful for them.

Net Neuterelability

Posted by Ruok On May - 15 - 2006

Got this off Net Neutrability? More like Net Neutered Liow.

I think there is cause for concern if this COPE bill ever get passed, even though if its only in the good ol’ US of A. Coz you know the telcos here will jump on it, and net freedom as we know it now will be gone forever.

Yes, that means blogs too. And youtube. And everything else you have come to hate and love on the net. Heck, it will almost be like print media again. Maybe worse.

Here’s a cool video that kinda explains it (yesh, stuff like this would be gone) :

There’s an ongoing petition too, but I’m not sure if anyone outside USA signing it would matter.

Is this better?

Posted by Ruok On May - 11 - 2006

I’ve uploaded a shorter showreel on youtube.

This one has the foster mother dying scene in Full Circle, as opposed to the father confrontation one in the former version

So which one you think its better?