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Posted by Ruok On November - 8 - 2010

Finally, PlanB is set in motion.

Sort of anyway.

It’s kinda sobering to know while passion can fuel your soul, but in a rapidly expensive Singapore, that’s all it’s ever gonna fuel. This was the bugbear I faced around the same time last year, and it eventually led me to the decision I made beginning of this year.

Even then, the hot money flowed in far too quickly then I anticipated, so while it vindicated my decision, it also made me wonder did I waiver too long. Nonetheless, the die is cast and the cards are dealt. I can’t honestly say I’ve been dealt a bad hand.

Been house hunting for a while now (which is why I was too busy to blog/upload pics about my Japan trip), and today is the day I’ve finally bitten the bullet. The market is at an all time high now, I know, and if I could, I would have waited some more. But as the Chinese saying goes, 人在江湖,生不由己. I guess I’ve waited as long as I can.

In my opinion, the new housing measures are just beginning to kick in. But you prolly won’t see lower valuations yet… but at least the cash over valuations (COV) are starting to come down. And because valuations always take close reference to last done prices, this doesn’t mean the overall valuation will be lower. But parting with less cash makes a whole lot of difference.

Most sellers are still asking for ridiculous COVs though. Good luck to them. For me, I’m just glad to be hunting no longer.

I think I must have viewed over 30 units already in total. *pant*

On another note, I’m no longer debt-free. Which might explain for the lack of warm fuzzy feeling over this purchase.