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Sojourn : Holland to Holland

Posted by Ruok On October - 5 - 2011

So begins my Holland to Holland adventure, one in which I don’t get horlan in the end. And it’s starting really well because the flight was relatively empty which means … I have the whole freaking row to myself!! Woohoo!

Sure beats last year’s trip to Tokyo when I got a fat male angmoh next to me. And the icing on the cake must surely be the whiskies I had during the flight. I don’t know what grade Johnny Walker Red label is, but I think it’s definitely better than the black.

Typing this at a cafe/pub near where I’m staying where I got chatted up by an old gent by the name of Micky The wifi’s acting up, so gonna continue this another time.

Am typing this in a I half suspect he’s the owner of the joint.

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  1. JayWalk says:

    Red Label is the entry model of the JW family.

    Red > Black > Green, Swing* > Gold > Blue

    Swing is the only non-oblong bottle JW. The rounded bottom allows it to swing like a ???. Quite interesting bottle design there.

    Chivas answered that with their Chivas Revolve.

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