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Warmed Up

Posted by Ruok On March - 28 - 2006

To be really honest, the long hiatus was showing in my acting. I felt like a noob all over again in Day One. Perhaps, I was a little bit awed by the presence of two very veteran actors. But I shan’t make such excuses, I was really off-form, and the lack of practice showed. Day Two was much better and by the time it was Day Three, I felt I regained much of my form again.

You can say I’ve warmed up for the year.

Today, I was surprised to read that the case it which we were shooting was out in Today. This was a second surprise; the first was knowing that the case had already been crimewatched before. I asked the director how come they didn’t get back the actors who did it for Crimewatch and to which he answered “So you will have work mah”.

Heh. That shut me up alright.

The shoot for this was surprisingly one of the most physically siong (tiring) shoot I’ve done (Either that or it was the long hiatus and/or the early waking hours :P). Surprising cuz based on the script, I really thought I was gonna cho-bo-lan (Hokkien for do nothing) there. Thankfully, there were loads of this to replenish my lost fluids during the shoot :

Mineralised Water! Powah!
Not just any water! MINERALISED water!

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Wah Lau Eh

Posted by Ruok On March - 22 - 2006

Filming schedule for the coming shoot reads :

25 March – 7am -630pm
26 March – 7am -630pm
27 March – 7am -530pm

Wah lau eh. There goes the weekend. And the sleep. *sigh*

Not So Secret Identity Liow

Posted by Ruok On March - 21 - 2006

I always wondered how Clark Kent will feel like when suddenly people start suspecting he is Superman, because, well those spectacles of his just don’t cut it anymore.

I wonder if he too will feel like me, and wonder if his disguise had already fail right from the very start, and the folks around him was just being kind and entertained his obvious wish of not wanting to be recognised.

I wonder, I wander, I wanda.

I think I need a new disguise, or spectacles, for that matter. *sigh*

A Very Silver Lining

Posted by Ruok On March - 16 - 2006

I was still feeling kinda sorry for myself, despite the efforts of well meaning friends trying to cheer me up. I do appreciate their efforts, I do, but there are times where one has to look at bleak circumstances in the eye and choose not to see the brighter side of things. After all, one can only say the glass is half-full for so long, cuz if nothing is done to fill the glass up, then it will not remain half-full for very long. In fact, it will eventually stop looking half-empty as well, to the extent that one will have to say that it is already empty.

Watching V for Vendetta did lift my spirits up somewhat (which is what all good movies tend to do for me), but I think I’d really did fall from a great height of expectation this time round, and however excellent V (go watch it!)was, I have to say that I was still smarting from the fall.

So a very restless me was just reading through some of the blogs that have escaped my attention recently and lo and behold, I come across this…

CANNES?!!! OMG CANNES?!!! Man, I think the glass is starting to look half-full again. 😀

Yes, its only a side festival. But its still Cannes after all. lalala~ 😛

Mixed Feelings

Posted by Ruok On March - 14 - 2006

Why do I build me up(build me up), wtf,
Just to let me down (let me down)and mess me around

The results are out and I’ve lost the role to the other guy. Needless to say, I am disappointed. The good news is that they are giving me another role, albeit a more minor one. So this will be my first speaking role in a feature film (was only an extra in another movie before).

I must admit, I had high hopes of landing the role. And getting the callback plus being narrowed down to just the two of us, built my hopes even higher. So the consolation of clinching my first speaking role does little to console a now very disconsolate me.

Ah well. Thank you all for your well wishes. (I hope you are not as disappointed as I am) Sigh, and its not even the Ides of March yet.

You know what, I’m seriously beginning to think he is my jinx.


Posted by Ruok On March - 12 - 2006

I’m still buzzing from the audition I’ve done earlier. Its now down to me and another actor for the role, and the director told us after the audition we have given him a selection headache.

That could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. But after a mad mad week, I’m just glad for this buzz. I shall go and relax relax one corner now. 😀

(V for Vendetta, V is also for Vincentlah)


Posted by Ruok On March - 7 - 2006

Thank you all for your well wishes and encouragement. The role wasn’t as challenging as I thought and the court scene was a real bumper as usual. To cut the long story short, I only spent 15-20 minutes on my scene, while the rest of the shoot (11.5 hours of it), I was acting as a set prop. The reason?

Being one of the accused, the audience needs to see me in the docks whenever the camera pans there. *sigh*

On the set, I met an actor whom I have worked with a few times in the past and when he learnt of my role, he cajoled me on being the bad guy again. I told him that I have actually pushed away quite a number of bad guy roles last year already but to no avail, and his return was that I, having another thing going to feed my stomach, can afford the luxury of turning down roles.

While he was right in a way, it was the way he said it that put me off; the tone in his voice sounded almost envious of me. But why envy me? Had I not too paid my price, paid my dues? Why, do we need to compare our sad stories to see who is more sad?

I know I am not a conventional actor by anyone’s standard. But I let my work and my craft speak for itself. Just because my path is different from other actors out there, doesn’t mean that I’m lesser than any of them. At the very heart of the matter, I consider myself to be the same as, lets say, an actor in New York waiting on tables in between roles. Yes, I’m a “waiter”. But that doesn’t mean I should go and really be one when I can find other roads for me to travel on, right?

On another note, I just got a callback for the gangster role. If I land this role, it will be a small but noticeable supporting role in the movie. I only hope that if I do land it, I can juggle the shoot and the numerous projects that I suddenly find myself swimming in. *gulp*

演员不坏, 观众不爱

Posted by Ruok On March - 3 - 2006

I just got my first role for the year!! Woohoo!!!

And guess what, I play a would be murderer. I have a funny feeling after this role, the typecasting would start all over again. *sigh*

Seeing how its my first real role in ages, I’m not gonna complain. Well, ok, I just have to complain that I have to wake up at an unearthly hour on a Saturday morning for the shoot. And that they only give me one night to memorise the script. See me very up, they do. 😛

Write Me Up

Posted by Ruok On March - 1 - 2006

After a much needed rant in the last post, I stumbled upon this via LMD and Xena’s blog.

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