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Warmed Up

Posted by Ruok On March - 28 - 2006

To be really honest, the long hiatus was showing in my acting. I felt like a noob all over again in Day One. Perhaps, I was a little bit awed by the presence of two very veteran actors. But I shan’t make such excuses, I was really off-form, and the lack of practice showed. Day Two was much better and by the time it was Day Three, I felt I regained much of my form again.

You can say I’ve warmed up for the year.

Today, I was surprised to read that the case it which we were shooting was out in Today. This was a second surprise; the first was knowing that the case had already been crimewatched before. I asked the director how come they didn’t get back the actors who did it for Crimewatch and to which he answered “So you will have work mah”.

Heh. That shut me up alright.

The shoot for this was surprisingly one of the most physically siong (tiring) shoot I’ve done (Either that or it was the long hiatus and/or the early waking hours :P). Surprising cuz based on the script, I really thought I was gonna cho-bo-lan (Hokkien for do nothing) there. Thankfully, there were loads of this to replenish my lost fluids during the shoot :

Mineralised Water! Powah!
Not just any water! MINERALISED water!

It was physically tiring cuz I’ve forgotten how much energy one needs to expend to “beat” someone up. Granted, I didn’t do much of the beating up, but the little that I did, coupled with having to carry the body around a few times, all adds up to sore muscles and body aches after the three day shoot.

Our victim also felt the brunt of our efforts, and judging by the way he’s chilling out, I think the going was kinda tough on him too.

I also managed to bang my knee real bad during the shoot when I ‘decided’ to dent the car door with my knee cap, a contest which the door won unfortunately. In fact I banged the edge of the door so hard, the whole cast and crew knew, even those who didn’t witness it, as according to them, the whole car shook violently when it happened. 😛

This happened in the middle of a take, and not wanting to ruin the take, I actually continued the scene, only to find that all was in vain as it still turned out to be an NG (no good). Sigh, the lengths I go through to perfect a take, tsk tsk tsk.

The two veteran actors are Jimmy Low (seated next to me) and Steven Woon (victim). Jason plays the mastermind who got away scot-free 😛

The Vets
Jimmy is more well known as a stunt co-ordinator and action-effects creator in the industry than he is an actor. But he has done quite a bit of acting before as well. I learned that Jimmy was also the guy responsible for rigging my gunshot wounds in “Innocently Guilty”. At first, when I told him the “gunshot wounds” effected on me in that episode were painful, he insisted that it was his rival that did it, claiming that the ones he do cannot be painful one. Later, when I had the chance to show him the “Innocently Guilty” part in my showreel he then told me he was involved in that production, not realising that it was the same production that I was talking about when I got shot. Which means, dammit, he was the one!!? WTF?! Still want to deny?!! -_-”

Steven, despite hitting well into retirement age, shows no sign of giving up the ghost. I recognised Steven back from the days of the hit drama serial “Coffeeshop”. I learned that I maybe seeing him again soon, as he is also involved in the movie where I lost the role I auditioned for.

A movie where I am now warmed up for. 😀

5 Responses to “Warmed Up”

  1. Aftiel says:

    eeeeeeeeeeee that brand of mineral water suXX0rs..

  2. Gracey says:

    I saw the Steven Woon in NUH..Think he works there…

    JIA YOU!!! hope your knee is not hurting anymore

  3. how was wala’s e other night?

  4. Ruok says:

    Angel > Eh beggers can’t be chosers leh.

    Gracey > I think he was visiting his sick mother. Nah, he doesn’t work there. Errm, my knee still hurts. Not enuff TLC from you.

    Starmist > It was as good as it can get without ya. 😉

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