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Wrap Party Expose!

Posted by Ruok On April - 27 - 2006

The principal shoot of the movie was finally finished and I was invited to an informal wrap party at the director’s abode.

Director Eng Tiong, wearing a Ed Wood tshirt kekeke.

I think its by no mean feat that they have finished on schedule, even with numerous delays caused by the bad weather in April. Kudos to ET and the rest of the crew!

Hmm, looks like ET has a sashimi craving kekeke

Its my first wrap party, and though it wasn’t the wild party that I have imagined, I think everyone did had a good time, judging from all the merry making around me. We also happened to chance upon Louis on screen as he appeared on the telly for some chinese drama series that was currently showing. No wonder he left earlier, hehehe.

A couple of pics with the stars of the movie!

Uncle Liang Tien

The lovely Yvonne! And her thorns 😛

Bernard Tan

We didn’t get to see any rushes, which was quite a bummer for me. But ET did say he’ll invite me to the premier, which is definitely something to look forward to! ^.^

Older Liow…

Posted by Ruok On April - 24 - 2006

But don’t feel any wiser.

Its been the first time in quite a few years I’ve worked on my birthday. It was not planned for, a client called me in the mornining and insisted on bringing forward the start date of the project due to some “emergency”. I wasn’t very happy with the client because its not a particularly high paying project and the “emergency” was all of his doing. Nevertheless, poor struggling actor me will have to ‘look the colour of other’s people’s face’ (看人家的脸色) at this juncture, so I grudgingly went and do it.

At least I got a prezzie!

Older liow. I think this is the first time I’ve really felt older. As I reviewed the injuries I’ve sustained recently and the longer recuperation process it took, I cannot help but feel older. And at this point in my life, I’m quite ashamed to say that I have not much to show for in my life. No career, no assets, unlike the most of my peers. All I have is a dream. And a seemingly fading one at that.

I’ve been told I’m brave, but nowadays, only by my younger friends. My peers used to call me “brave” as well, but they don’t use that term so often these days. If I do meet them, they will ask if I’m still doing the same thing, and how long will I keep at it. You kinda know what they are getting at. And yes, its only brave when I succeed. If not, its just plain foolish.

Older liow. I can only hope I’ll be wiser and not appear so foolish soon.

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Day 5 Expose

Posted by Ruok On April - 20 - 2006

Due to the bad weather, I had to go back again another day to finish up my scenes. It just happens that this week I was starting on another project, so its kinda disruptive to adjust my schedule to fit the shoot.

My major scenes were being shot today, so naturally I was a bit more psyched up, even though in all honesty, how major can a minor character’s role be? 😛 We shot the more physically demanding one first, which had me sprinting down the length of a HDB corridor at full speed.

I think when it came down to my character’s actual big scene, I may have been a tad too tired, having run down the corridor at full gallop several times. I can’t say I was particularly pleased with what I have done, but the director seemed ok with it. Of course, due to the fact that the production was already over-running like crazy, he may have bigger things to worry about than to tweak the performance of a minor character. Hopefully, it all turns out well…

In between takes, I chatted with another actor, Louis…

Me, Louis and Fish.

Louis have been acting for about 10 years. He’ll prolly look familiar to some of you, having done numerous TCS 8 productions as well as having a regular stint in one of the variety program show thingy for six years. He was also a delight to have around the set as he’s always up to some antics to entertain us and always blanjiaing (treating) us to delicious snacks from time to time.

He was also the one who taught me to fall down from a squatting position and was always glad to give us lesss experienced actors pointers on the set. He’s no longer actig full time though, so I had to ask him how come he decide to seemingly give it all up.

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A First In S’pore!

Posted by Ruok On April - 20 - 2006

Porn movie now showing at a cinema near you!!

Boy Eats Girl



Posted by Ruok On April - 19 - 2006

Was gonna blog about Day 4, but after the “torture” I had, I think I’m gonna take a break first.  It was simply the most painful massage session. Evar. As I’m writing this, I’m still feeling the blood flow back to the blocked veins caused by excessive clenching.
But I did find out one thing about myself. Even under extreme pain, I kept quite quite. Dammit, have I become more stoical? o.O

Day 4 Expose

Posted by Ruok On April - 17 - 2006

Day 4 was supposed to be my last day. I spent the first half waiting to shoot my scene and the second half waiting for the rain to stop so that I could shoot my scene. The weather won in the end. -_-”

While waiting around, I found out that Mrs Fish married him when he was still an Air Force regular… which kinda means that I have to take it all back. There may be no hope for me after all. T_T

Day 3 Expose

Posted by Ruok On April - 16 - 2006

When the production manager smsed me the call time, I kinda knew we would be waiting around quite a bit. And I was right. So Fish and I exchanged our friendster ids while we waited and I got to see some of his family photos. (Heh, his baby daughter is really cute.) I also showed him the played-to-death “4444” and man, I loved his reaction at the langah scene. Hehehe. He proceeded to ask me more about putting his own stuff on the web, and I basically just told him the tools that I used.

I think I may have appeared somewhat reluctant to explain how I did it, because it seems people always seem to look less of me as an actor when they find outI know more than a typical actor should know. And sometimes, I just want to be look upon as an actor, and not have you judged me otherwise just because I have other different skills. You might say the need for me to feel belonged is great, because I’ve always felt that half the time my acting peers and peeps in the industry treat me as a misfit.

I guess I already had a taste of this way back in my JC days in drama club, where all the arty and the farty people shunned me like bad medicine. And being the awkward teenager that I was, I guess there’s where this need to belong initially surfaced. Eventually though, through time and effort, I manged to win some of them by basically just showing them what I could do. The few that I won over heartened me, for they affirm my flair for acting. And it was then that I realised that as long as I continue to do what I do, I will never be totally acceptable to everyone. And in a strange way, deep down inside, I feel I would never truly “belong”…

The director decided to have me do a little stunt for my scene. Initially, the scene only involved me running away from the ah long (loanshark). Then, at the suggestion of some of the veteran actors in the scene, he asked if I was willing to “fall down as if being shoved hard by the ah long” before scampering away, just to spice things up. I nodded and we proceeded to do a rehearsal. My self styled kamikaze stunt drew gasps of astonishment from the veteran actors, who were then kind enough to suggest to me another method of falling down that would help prevent injury to my fine tush. (伤痕累累 was the term Yvonne used kekeke)

Its times like this that I realised that I’ve got so much to learn still. My self styled stunt was as a result of stage training, but I couldn’t use the usual method of breaking fall with my hands as it will not look realistic on camera. But since my initial position was off camera, they suggested that I fall down from a squatting position instead of standing up; that way, I can minimise injury. Brilliant eh?

In the end, I rehearsed about three times and we took the shot in three takes. I ended up with a bruised spot on my right upper hips, which as a certain cloud would say, makes it balanced since I injured my left hip days earlier in an audition for a TVC.

The end result was that the “fall” looked really nice (managed to see it on the replay). I guess the pain was worth it. 😛

Day 2 Expose

Posted by Ruok On April - 11 - 2006

Day 2 was quite a relaxing shoot for me, as it was kinda like a care leh fare scene for the both of us. Before we begin our shoot, I met one of the extras who was in True Courage with me (yeah the one where I do evil things to women who reject me :P). She couldn’t really recognise me and it was only after I asked her about True Courage did she remember me as the evil person, hehehe. Which means, I don’t look half as evil all the time. 😛

As Fish and I waited for our scene, we shared some more of our filming experiences so far. Its kinda nice to compare notes and “bitch” about our experiences in the industry so far kekeke. And after acting for so long, I realised this is the first time I have found another actor who have taken almost the same path as me and thereby underwent similar trials to reach where we are now. Suddenly, as I realised that, I felt that I wasn’t alone anymore and that I wasn’t the only one foolish enough to travel the path less trodden off the road less travelled.

While they were shooting the scene, I heard from the rest of the cast later that soemone had flinged faeces down towards them and it had landed on the actor that was playing the corpse. WTF?! Sometimes, you really got to wonder in this day and age, and in S’pore, how is it we still find people doing such things? We didn’t know about this as our scene required us to be away from the area, but from the people involved, I understand it was an extremely smelly affair for them to endure while shooting the scene.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to be care leh fare. 😀

Now I Really Can’t Sleep

Posted by Ruok On April - 7 - 2006

On my way back from my final audition for the day, I caught a glimpse of this:

On a trailer for TV Mobile. ACk!! OMG!!! They are gonna screen this?!! Then my disguise how?!! If they screen this and “4444” at the same time, I think I have to take cabs liow. I is very poor. T_T

Day 1 Expose

Posted by Ruok On April - 7 - 2006

Today’s my first day on the set, and filming had already been well underway. I found out that our first scene in the movie is also gonna be the opening scene of the movie.

You know what that means folks. You don’t need to wait forever to catch me in the movie! *beam* Just, errm, don’t be late. 😛

In between takes and waiting for them to set up the shot, Fish and I chatted. Yes, Fish was the one (nahbeh) who prised the role away from me, and I realised that this wasn’t the only role he had prised from me (nabeh!); there were seriously a couple of others more(nahbeh! nahbeh!! nabeh!!!)!! I mean like, What The Fish?! 😛 Note to self : Next time go audition see Fish around, just seng ki lai (don’t bother).

That aside, I was surprised to find that his path and mine was quite similar and he’s also a “working” actor. What’s more astonishing is that he’s married and has a four year old daughter! And in his own words, he added, “Yeah, I get by. Got enough money to buy diapers and milk powder”.

It was quite a revelation, because I’d never thought I’d meet another actor who’s in similar circumstances as me that is married. I mean, no offence to my female readers out there, but its really, really very difficult for us to find someone who understands our passion and supports our dream. I told Fish this and he agreed. He said he feels very blessed to be married to her; machiam like striking lottery. Heh. Maybe there’s hope for me after all. *grin*

Now that I know Fish better, I don’t feel so bad about losing the role to him. Cuz like me, he also lamented over being typecast and how he tried to get out of it by being a policeman in True Files. Lol. That is like so deja vu man. And when I find out that he is also without representation, I felt even happier.

Because if anything, I’d rather lose to acting cred than get sidelined just because some agency strongarmed the production company. Hmmrph.

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