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Older Liow…

Posted by Ruok On April - 24 - 2006

But don’t feel any wiser.

Its been the first time in quite a few years I’ve worked on my birthday. It was not planned for, a client called me in the mornining and insisted on bringing forward the start date of the project due to some “emergency”. I wasn’t very happy with the client because its not a particularly high paying project and the “emergency” was all of his doing. Nevertheless, poor struggling actor me will have to ‘look the colour of other’s people’s face’ (看人家的脸色) at this juncture, so I grudgingly went and do it.

At least I got a prezzie!

Older liow. I think this is the first time I’ve really felt older. As I reviewed the injuries I’ve sustained recently and the longer recuperation process it took, I cannot help but feel older. And at this point in my life, I’m quite ashamed to say that I have not much to show for in my life. No career, no assets, unlike the most of my peers. All I have is a dream. And a seemingly fading one at that.

I’ve been told I’m brave, but nowadays, only by my younger friends. My peers used to call me “brave” as well, but they don’t use that term so often these days. If I do meet them, they will ask if I’m still doing the same thing, and how long will I keep at it. You kinda know what they are getting at. And yes, its only brave when I succeed. If not, its just plain foolish.

Older liow. I can only hope I’ll be wiser and not appear so foolish soon.

Rest of my prezzies

This year, I actually wanted to celebrate my overt coming of age @ Wala but the band was playing some 10th anniversary thingy at Muddy’s. I decided to head over there, but not after suffering a bout of gastric caused by waiting too long for an audition by a godawful production house. I really must blacklist this production house. :(

It was kinda of an informal celebration as I’m not particularly fond of Muddy’s, and my opinion certainly didn’t change after Saturday. I mean, I can see why the band loves playing there, but to me, they just sound terribly awful on the sound system in Muddy’s. My gastric and the huge crowd also did not do my mood any favours. 😛
But you guys did, and I thank you all for your well wishes.

Gracie, Me, Joel, Winter and Sandralicious, the awesome cooker of my dinner.

Your company was one of the few things I’m glad for that day. 😀 Thank you for cumming! 😉

Me, Mandrake, Duckhawk, ‘Cher

Makanguru, Terz, Tym and Yours Truly

4 Responses to “Older Liow…”

  1. monkey says:

    happy birthday 😛

  2. laputa says:

    a bit late, but happy birthday.

  3. Ruok says:

    better late than never. Thanks guys 😀

  4. StaRm|sT says:

    so when are you going to meet me for your present?
    gotta make it up for not being able to turn up..

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