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Got Laid On Orchard Road

Posted by Ruok On November - 30 - 2007

This was the first time I have laid spreadeagled, in the middle of Orchard Road. On a busy afternoon. With lots of passer-bys.

Its amazing to me how after all these years, I’m still get to do things for the first time.

Its been a long time since I did comedy, and boy, how I’ve missed it.

Talking about missing, you know what, I miss you.

I really do.

I’ll Sing Of Your Love Forever

Posted by Ruok On November - 28 - 2007

Its been a long time; I know.

But I still get the same stirrings, and I still feel my spirit rise, as we rehearse the songs.

It really, really feels good to be singing to You again.


Posted by Ruok On November - 22 - 2007

This looks to be my last film project for the year. Initially, I thought they weren’t going to use me, as I haven’t heard from them for a while. But it turns out I clinched the role after all and this will be my first bona fide comedy on film.

Well, unless you don’t count “4444” as a comedy of course.

In any case, we had a rehearsal today and I was almost bowled over by the cast. Most of them can be considered veterans in the industry and to have them supporting me in this project makes me feel slightly overawed. I guess I have an inkling of how Charlie Cox must have felt in Stardust.

Its good to do comedy again, and God knows I need to do something uplifting after all the negative energy roles I’ve been doing.

Going Veoh

Posted by Ruok On November - 21 - 2007

Decided to start uploading my showreels to sites other than Youtube, and Veoh’s one of them.

The quality does seem better compared to Youtube.

Online Videos by

One thing though, the original screen size is much bigger than Youtube… which means I need a new template. 😛

My Name Is Tonight…

Posted by Ruok On November - 18 - 2007

… You can call me Tonight.

We were trying to help B nail his scene during rehearsals, and I suddenly thought of the line Louis used everytime he introduced himself to the group.  And no one believed me that I didn’t come up with this line all on my own. >.<

Nevertheless, it made its way into the script in the end.  Too bad I couldn’t hang around to see the other actress’s reaction to this.  It would have been priceless. 😀

The shoot on the whole was rather enjoyable; I mean I don’t get to be blown and made wet on every production you know. 😉 This was also the first role I tried to fully employ everything I’ve learned about Method so far… personally, I don’t think I’m getting a real hang of it yet. I’ll reserve further judgment till I see the final product.

Speaking of which, I hope it does well when it does make its rounds.  I do want to see this turn into my next feature. :)

This Actor Prepares

Posted by Ruok On November - 17 - 2007

For what possibly is my biggest role this year. Actually, been preparing the role for weeks…. was planning to do a lot more if not for the hiccups along the way. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Cold Turkey

Posted by Ruok On November - 14 - 2007

My computer died on Deepavali…

Which also mean that I’ve gone through 5 days without the computer and the internet.

Talk about cold turkey man.

This new system has been a real bitch to put together so far; here’s hoping she will serve me as well as the former one.

Bathsheba IV

Posted by Ruok On November - 7 - 2007

My vivid dreams have been returning but for the life of me, I can’t seem to remember them in the morning.

It was the same again for the night before, and it was not only last night that I realised the previous night’s dream was about you. The details are hazy, and what I can remember was that somehow I was at this resort kinda island, with a bunch of friends who seemed so familiar to me in the dream but I can’t quite place them in real life.

I’m not sure why I was there; not sure if I was on a holiday or anything. But you were there as well; rather, I happened to find you there as well. And the details are rather hazy, but somehow we got together. And then we made love.

But for some weird reason, we got interrupted mid-coitus; some of the residents somehow spotted us while we were at the supposedly deserted beach and “reported” us. I think we tried to find another place to continue, like somewhere in the park, but we also got spotted. We were frustrated, of course, but we were also quite bemused by the whole thing.

I can’t remember the rest of the dream from this point on. The weird thing was that this was the last thing I typed before my computer went kaput… almost as if the powers to be deem it unfit to have any more details documented down.

But I think we were happy in the dream. And you looked great again.

It was nice seeing you again babe.

The Doctor Is In

Posted by Ruok On November - 6 - 2007

Just had a bad fight with your best friend? Have friendships that need serious mending? No need to worry, just bring your problems to :