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Posted by Ruok On October - 31 - 2007

I told her I’ve been feeling restless of late and she said she could tell.

“You’re terribly sick of what you are doing right now and your acting career, while improving all the time, is not improving fast enough for you.”

Talk about hitting the proverbial nail on the head. I can feel the dreaded jadedness creeping in again but am at a loss as to what I can do about it.


Posted by Ruok On October - 21 - 2007

Somewhere, out there, there is a younger, leaner “me”.

Like me, he has given up much to pursue his dreams.

We came from the same secondary school. We took the same course in university and we even attended the same university.

Heck, we even share the same surname.

Its a strange feeling, knowing someone out there with such a similar background to mine is doing what I’m doing. I never really thought it possible that another one will attempt to take this arduous path I’ve taken.

I am a little miffed, though, that I’m no longer so unique and atypical. But I wish him all the best.  And I’m pretty sure our paths will cross one of these days.

A Thank You Dinner

Posted by Ruok On October - 20 - 2007

2 years ago, I shot a little documentary for the Handicaps Welfare Association, in order to help them raise funds to build their own basketball court. They’ve finally managed to got it and they invited me last night to view the new court as well as gave us a thank you dinner.

I’m not sure how much the video footage went in helping them get the funds, but I know it was surely not through the video only. I know they had other fund raising events as well, and I am just glad to have helped their cause.

Watching the guys play basketball on a court that they can finally call their own, brought a smile to my face.

That was all the thanks I needed. 😀

To All My Muslim Readers

Posted by Ruok On October - 13 - 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

Happy Holidays!

I’ll be working though. Heh.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Posted by Ruok On October - 9 - 2007

And I was to be a rapist yet again. They have requested for a totally unkempt look this time round, so the world gets to see me in my three day unshaven gory.

And maybe to a certain extent, it seems art is now imitating my life. The character goes as close as almost removing his pants only. Close, but no cigar.

The object of my affections this time round is the sweet Felicia Chin.

Hmm, so far, their names have all started with “F”, is this going to be a trend?

Shooting these kind of scenes is hardly ever pleasant, both for the victim and the victimizer. Which is why I always let the director choreograph the whole act. I feel this often puts the actress more at ease, especially if the director is a female as well.

We had a few tough scenes. There was the one which I had to drag her, kicking and screaming and squirming violently, through some vegetation. It took quite a number of takes, and halfway through, she had cut her finger from one of the thorns and I had the back of my neck scratched by some branch. I almost sprained my shoulder as well.

We managed to nail it finally, and at the end of the last take I felt this sharp pain on my right big toe. Its the kind you feel when someone steps real hard down on your toe.

It was so painful that I practically had to limp on one foot for awhile. This kinda makes it hard to do the next few scenes, which required me to chase after her.

You see, my character was supposed to be limping on the LEFT foot. But now, I’m kinda limping on the RIGHT due to the pain on the big toe. And since it has to be conty, I had to continue limping on the LEFT.

So imagine me, running as fast as I could, limping on my bad foot. I didn’t even had to wait for the shoot to be over to feel my right leg muscles acting up on me. But I think despite the pain, I did quite alright; not only for the chase sequences, but for the whole act.

I hate to say it, but I think I’m getting good at this kind of role. >.<

“Have you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
I asked that of all my prey” ~Joker, Batman Movie

Afterthought : Aiyah, should have entitled this entry “My Left Foot”

Shook Me All Night Long

Posted by Ruok On October - 2 - 2007

I saw the marks she left on my body while I was showering, after returning home in the wee hours of the morning.

And I am exhausted. I can imagine which parts of my body will be aching later.

I was kinda surprised that she still remembers me after all these years.

And I am sure she will remember me even more now.

New Legs

Posted by Ruok On October - 1 - 2007

So my Opteron processor came in over the weekend, and I spend the better part of it fixing her and making her fly.

Was a little bit disappointed it couldn’t hit the speed I want at stock voltage, but I think a 35% overclock is still nothing to sneeze at I guess. I think she’s rather stable right now, although I’ll need a bit more testing before I can be really sure.

For those who interested, she’s an Opty 170 with the following stepping :


Running it now at 2.7Ghz@1.38v. Idle temps are @ 42C and load temps @ 59C.

A real hot babe, this one. I think this upgrade is good for at least one more year. 😀

Ang Chee Beng

Posted by Ruok On October - 1 - 2007

Night of Movie Premiere
Lance : Hello! you acted in a movie recently? truth be told. :-) how come never inform?
Me : Eh got leh, its in my website. You just caught the premiere?
Lance : Yup. :-) you got website?
Me : So how is it? Good? How was my performance?
Lance : good. :-) will recommend to others. :-)

Lance was one of my ex-customers turned semi-regular gaming kaki. Sigh. How come my ex-customer gets to go the premiere and I don’t? >.< **************** Sneak Preview Night
AM’s back for her annual visit, so I jioed her to go to the preview. We were there early but because it took me quite a while to find the theatre, I didn’t manage to catch the beginning of the movie, no thanks to GV’s poor naming system of cinema halls.

But I did manage to catch a bit of the opening scene, and true enough yours truly was there, and not in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-me way as well. Not quite the way I had hoped I would see myself on a proper big screen for the first time, but I still managed to get a small kick out of it.

I was disappointed, though, that I couldn’t really appreciate the movie from where I was seating. I’d only managed to get seats three rows from the screen, and the screen was really way too near for that row. But in spite of that bad experience, I find this was one of the better local movies I’ve watched so far.

I was also quite impressed with the way some of the scenes were shot in the movie; my favourite ones were the scene using a mirror to get a three shot and the one in which a stream of light streak across the actors’ eyes in a darkened room. The acting from the main cast was really good as well; I am really impressed with Uncle Liang Tien’s showing.

Yvonne and ET held a Q&A session after the screening, and I think I was the only cast other than Yvonne at the preview. They singled me out in the middle of the Q&A and introduced me to the rest of the audience, which really had me blushing like a schoolgirl (I gotta get used to this I guess).

Throughout the movie, my character name keeps getting mentioned. A lot. In fact, it gets more air/screen time than the person. Ironic isn’t it?

I was actually quite disappointed not to have landed the “Ah Hao” role back then. That is because “Ah Hao” gets a bit more screen time than “Ang Chee Beng”. But after having watched the movie, I think its a blessing in disguise instead, and I landed the better role after all. Cuz peeps are going to remember this character more; I mean its hard not to when it keeps getting mentioned right? Hehehe.

Which goes to show, my agent up there is really doing an awesome job.

Thanks Lord! And please forgive me for doubting ye over this. 😛