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Why I Cannot Eat At Coffeshops With Big Screen TV

Posted by Ruok On June - 29 - 2008

Last night, in the midst of my dinner, the Woh Hup ad came on, and was displayed in all of its 54″ glory.

It was quite a surreal moment, as my abject horrored face gradually turn to one of affected nonchalance.

I think its safe to say no one recognised me. But I finished my dinner in a hurry anyway.

Actor By Night

Posted by Ruok On June - 29 - 2008

When I first started this path, my friends and ex-colleagues always envisage me as being “waiter” by day and an actor by night. It’s always a great pain to convince them otherwise. But having said that, there are times where I have to do the day job first and then do the gig in the evening.

Of course, as time goes by, this arrangement gets lesser and lesser. Partly because I don’t really like taking these on (cuz usually the role is very care le fare) and partly because I took them on to earn my dues (was just starting out then, need all the exposure and experience I can get).

So when Gill recommended me for the role, I was initially quite reluctant to do it, as I was already having a busy week. But in this period of rising costs, every little bit helped and since the pay was decent and the timing wasn’t too bad (theoretically) I agreed.

And besides, I do find that I need the practice. Been feeling rusty of late.

The show is Moon Face, Season Two (didn’t even know there was a season one) and its a Kids Central drama. I play husband to the lovely Gill again, which makes it two times in a row I’ve made her pregnant (talk about productivity man). They also got a babe to act as our baby, who was an actual delight until she discovers she didn’t like being in the lights.

Gil had a torrid time with her, as she kept crying in their scene. When it was my turn, I was apprehensive as well as I’ve never carried a baby before. But surprise, surprise, she didn’t cry at all while in my arms. In fact, I think she was so comfortable that she dozed off, a point I related to Gill later on, much to her chagrin.

Looks like my charm with babes apparently works with the little ones as well. I have this uncanny knack of making them doze off while they are with me. >.< The other highlight of the shoot came when during a scene when I was combing down Gill's hair. It was a happy, loving scene and the camera man commented that he felt I looked a little pian tai (perverted) when I was doing the scene. The director's responded with "Pian tai ah? I got the perfect role for you. Can you speak Mandarin?" He then revealed he wanted to do a local version of this with me in it.


On another note, this is one of the best production house I’ve ever worked with. Why? Because they paid me on the spot! I think this is only the second time I’ve been paid on the spot. I’ll definitely recommend people to work with them. 😀

Catch me and Gil soon in this season of Incredible Tales, now showing!

A Saucy Ad III

Posted by Ruok On June - 19 - 2008

Ok, I’ve finally managed to snag a copy of it.

After watching it in its entirety, I must say it turned out better than I expected.

Still, it can’t top the Bosch ad, I must say.

Anyhoo, this is for all my overseas friends and readers. Enjoy!


Posted by Ruok On June - 19 - 2008

At first I thought some stranger made the request to me by mistake, but it turns out that I just couldn’t recognise her from her avatar photograph.

How ever did you manage to find me, Maria?

All I have to say is Facebook is really, really damn scary…


Posted by Ruok On June - 17 - 2008

It seems, opportunity does knock twice. But when they do so, they still have a knack of knocking at the most inopportune time.

The Chinese drama gave me a call this afternoon, inquiring about my availability from July to October. I’m totally free from September to October of course, but unfortunately, am quite knee deep in preparing the fields for harvest till end July. This and a two week reservist in August.

The filming period is so long because they are giving me a regular stint on the drama. The last time they offered that, the filming schedule clashed with my reservist as well, and it led me to not getting the job in the end.

I wonder if it would be the same thing again this time round.

Oh and in case you are wondering, I don’t think its a villain role… at least, it didn’t sound like one. They just told me I’m like a supervisor in charge of two kah kia. And its a Peranakan period drama set in the 50s. I wish I knew more about the role though. But at this stage, my gut feel is that its not really a meaty role. Just one with lots more exposure.

Anyway, we’ll see how it turns out. I wonder if the saucy ad had anything to do with their choice of casting …

A Damn Happening Entry

Posted by Ruok On June - 16 - 2008

So it turns out, “The Happening” movie really isn’t so happening at all.

At least, thats what the word on the street is.

I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t really comment on it. But there can’t be smoke without fire right? And I’ve got a funny feeling that only fine film connoisseur like the Asshat would appreciate it. But I digress.

What I think is happening here is an important lesson folks. If you are happening, you do not proclaim to everyone that you are happening. It just doesn’t work that way. The Happening movie is one prime example. Tell the world you are happening and watch yourself fall very short of that description.

In fact, if you really think you are happening, you’ve probably happened already. And the whole world just wants your happened self to get over it already. So stop telling people you are happening dude. If you are really happening, people would be able to tell straight away; they don’t need telling.

And as you can tell already, this is so not a happening post.

A Saucy Ad II

Posted by Ruok On June - 15 - 2008

I finally caught a small glimpse of this. I guess my mum’s ex-employee was wrong about seeing the ad during Chinese New Year then.

I didn’t catch the full ad, and I think I appear just for a few short moments only. In a way, I’m kinda glad its one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-me sequence, though it didn’t stop those who knew me from recognising it straight away.

In any case, this will still go down as my first bona-fide TVC. I was hoping the Bosch ad would be the first one instead, but I’ll just take what I can get right now.


Posted by Ruok On June - 13 - 2008

For some weird reason, I’ve always loved Friday the 13s.

Have a good weekend everyone. 😀

Age Of Conan Collector’s Edition

Posted by Ruok On June - 12 - 2008

This was my very first collector’s edition off all the mmorpgs I have played so far.

The decision to buy it, really, was a moment of madness. Some of the guys were telling me that its not possible to order from, as they refuse to accept any credit card that is outside of U.S. Of course, I was skeptical that in this day and age such policies still persist, so I went to the website and just tried ordering the plastered big big promotion of the game’s collector’s edition.

The order went through, and the rest,as you know is history.

When the package arrived, I was surprised at how freaking big it was :

aoc 005

aoc 008

aoc 002

aoc 009

aoc 003

aoc 006

aoc 004

aoc 001

aoc 010

Now this is what I call a Collector’s Edition!
All in all a very nice package! Absolutely no buyer’s remorse with this purchase! 😀

Ruok The Liberator (NSFW)

Posted by Ruok On June - 10 - 2008

Of topless ladies, that is.

This weekend, my adventures brought me to the hot sweaty lands of Stygia and into a place they called Pyramids Of The Ancients.

Which if you ask me, is a misnomer. I mean, of course the Pyramids are ancient lah! You expecting them to be modern meh? Its like naming Condominium Of The Modern.

Anyway I digress. I was supposed to go wack a demon masquerading as Derketo, the Stygian goddess of love and sex (or was it sex and love?) and lo and behold I found this poor girl.



Apparently, she was being tortured by some dude, whom I promptly dispatch with ease. But I think she was seriously injured, cuz she couldn’t even lift up her head to thank me after I had rescued her.


Anyway, I finally found the demon.


I always say, the bigger they come, the harder they fall. And fell hard he did. What i didn’t know was by slaying him, I liberated a lot more topless ladies.


KNN, for all my efforts, you’d think they should at least stop and give me a kiss. >.< Bah, Stygians. Give me a Zamorian anytime man. On another note, I just realised this is my first NSFW post. 😀