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Cry Me A River

Posted by Ruok On September - 27 - 2006

Crying on cue. Some actors do it with ease, some actors struggle with it. I think I belong to the latter. Last week’s shoot was the first time I did crying scenes and I must admit, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my own performance, especially with the scene in Day One.

As I had mentioned before, I was gonna try a new method. This method worked so well that while I was rehearsing my lines on my own, I just started tearing and would have burst into tears if I continued reading my lines. I was kinda spooked by it and stopped running through my lines at once, afraid that I might numb myself to the experience.

Later, when it was my turn to shoot, they decided to bring forward a scene again and the director wanted me to try crying in this one. However, I couldn’t really cry in this one, try as I may and luckily he decided in the end to not make the character cry. Actually hor, I think he had no choice, cuz I really couldn’t cry until tears come out. Sigh, so paiseh.

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Posted by Ruok On September - 27 - 2006

These few months, I’ve been wondering why you didn’t accept my apology.

And when I found out the reason, I cannot help but feel indignant.

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Method To My Madness

Posted by Ruok On September - 26 - 2006

I had returned home with a headache on day 2 and 3 of last week’s shoot, thinking that it was due to the filtration mask which I had to wear all day. It was only on Saturday, when I felt the same headache after a tiring gym workout, that I realise the headaches were not due to the mask.

They were due to exhaustion.

Filming back to back emo scenes on Days 2 and 3 had certainly taken its toil on me. As a consequence, I was still feeling emo over the weekend, my emotional state not helped by hearing certain things related to me by a certain someone last Friday evening.

I wonder, if not for my preparation, would I still have been as affected? And I also wonder if I didn’t hear those things, would I have recovered faster from my preparation?

This made me recall an interview with Jennifer Connelly where she related how she had to go to some island for a few months vacation to recover from acting her character in “Requiem For A Dream”. I don’t think I have the luxury of doing a vacation right now though; I have to rush to finish tying the loose ends of a project I completed before the shoot as well as rushing to finish a project I postponed to take on this role.

Work is such an unpleasent and ineffective remedy.

My Favourite S’pore Band

Posted by Ruok On September - 25 - 2006

Is of course, Shirlyn & The UnXpected!

Why? Because quite simply, they rawk.

Go vote for them by emailing your votes to with your name, IC and contact number.


Posted by Ruok On September - 22 - 2006

Wraped up the shoot today, and boy, am I exhausted.

So tired I am that I’m now glad I didn’t go and get the drink that I always do when I’ve finished shooting for a role. I think if I did I will probably just fall asleep at the bar, judging by how I just dozed off while taking a breather on the bed. 😛

I think this is one of the toughest shoot I’ve done.

More on this later. For now, a much needed rest beckons.

The Campaign

Posted by Ruok On September - 20 - 2006

Believe it or not, it looks like the campaign is still going on. Yay!!

It appears that the audition that I didn’t think went well, well, went rather well in the end. The casting director just dropped me an email telling me that the director was impressed by me and that they will let me know by next Monday.

And she also said that my new head shot is so much better!! (Thanks Terz!)

Wait… does that mean my previous ones were really lousy?! Gah, no wonder so little auditions…

On another note, yes, I got my new pictures liow. And no, I haven’t got time to do a proper gallery yet. 😛

A Couple of Firsts

Posted by Ruok On September - 20 - 2006

Today’s shoot was a couple of firsts for me.

First, I almost went topless. Aye, I think I would have went topless for the first time if not for the director to see my state of fattiness and decide that shocking audiences with my lumps would not be good for television. But he asked me to unbutton my pajama top instead, so I guess there would still be a certain “shock” value to the scene.

So yeah, its the first time I’m partially topless on screen and its the first time I’m in my pjs on screen.

It was also my first time crying on cue. And I don’t think I did a good job. My preparation for the scene was kinda rushed as they pushed it to be done ahead of another scene at the very last minute. And I felt really bad about it cuz I really wanted to do well for the scene. The funny thing is I know I had really gotten as much emotion as I could for the scene, judging from the effort I had to put through to recover myself for a happy scene next. I just can’t figure out what was blocking the full onset of the emotions there and then. Performance anxiety? Perhaps.

The next scene was a birthday party scene that was quite different from what was played out in the script. So in the end, I got a surprise screen kiss, which was also my first screen kiss. It wasn’t the passionate kind, it was more of the bashful peck kind. And yeah, I guess I was kinda bashful about it initially, which resulted in a few takes cuz the director felt our chemistry wasn’t warm enough. So for the record, I did not purposely force the extra takes hor! 😛

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Feeling Blessed

Posted by Ruok On September - 19 - 2006

We actors know that under (very) rare circumstances, a supporting role can be better than the leading role.

I’ve not personally experienced one until today, and I must say I was most pleasently surprised. Even though it was only a supporting role, it was the most emotive role amongst the other roles, including the lead. Hehehe. :)

And I guess this is my first role where I have to cry and “sing” as well. And prolly doing both at the same time. 😛

Can’t deny I’m having a bit of performance anxiety, especially since I’ve not fully recovered from my bout of flu yet. And the shoot is tomorrow. T_T *sigh*

It looks like “be nice to Ruok” campaign is still continuing though. While waiting for rehearsal today, the EP cum director of Police and Thief recognised me as having acted in the sitcom before and told me he has a role in mind for me in the upcoming season. Wahaha!

And on another note, I was invited to apply for three high paying full-time positions by the same head hunting firm that came looking for me the last time. Hehehe.

Yes, its definitely been a great day for me. 😀

Be Nice To Ruok Week

Posted by Ruok On September - 16 - 2006

I swear, this must be a “be nice to me” week.

In addition to the numerous few good compliments I’ve been receiving all week, I just got another one today yesterday.

Its not every day someone the likes of him tells you that you have a good portfolio of work. ^.^

I feel … so validated! 😀

S’pore Dreaming

Posted by Ruok On September - 16 - 2006

I daresay, Singapore Dreaming is the best S’porean movie I’ve watched.

Yes, I think its even better than Perth and Be with Me (or was it You).

Somehow, I just find this less pretentious and more straight to the heart. The characters are believable. Their situations are real, you can identify with it. And you laugh, not because it was meant to be funny, but because you identify with it.

You laugh because that’s what we S’poreans do. We laugh at ourselves. Most of the time anyway.

So do catch it before the run ends.

On another note, I’m utterly blown away by Yann Yann‘s acting. Damn solid man.