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Posted by Ruok On December - 30 - 2007

Last night my dreams brought me back to a past adventure; continuing a dream sequence from a couple of months back.

At first, I thought it was a new sequence, as I did not find the people around me familiar. But of course, as usual I was supposed to have known them already in the dream. I can’t really recall what went on in the earlier part of the dream, save that we were in a Javanese themed hotel/resorty place.

It was this hotel that made me realised that I have been here before, although I couldn’t really remember what I was doing here before. It might have to do a bit with the girl I was with, I suspect. I tried going through my past archives, but I still cannot place if I’d ever journaled this adventure before.

Speaking of the girl, I’m sure I’ve not seen her before in RL. And as I really can’t remember the beginning of the dream, I still haven’t the foggiest idea why, quite suddenly, with the bunch of us somewhat in the middle of the road, she suddenly went topless. There was a slight drizzle at that time as well, and strangely enough, only my dream self made the attempt to go over to her side and tried to cover her up. Which strangely involved my hands covering her breasts.

And that somehow led to us kissing. I felt her tongue, pensive at first and then stronger and I kissed her back as well. We would have continued making out if not for the oncoming cars hooting at us.

We then made our way to a cafeteria of sorts to dry ourselves. I can’t remember much of the conversation we had there, but I know it ended with an understanding that we are starting this relationship. We then head back to the hotel room and I extended the stay to one more night. I find myself asking the concierge if I could change rooms; and that was the time I realised in the dream that I’ve been to this hotel before. But the last time I was here, it was in another wing or something.

Anyway, the concierge lead me away, I think he meant to show me what other rooms they had. But midway through, he advised me not to change rooms as they might not have available rooms elsewhere.

I started to make my way back to the hotel room, and by this time it was getting dark. Suddenly the surroundings seemed very foreign and I find myself lost. I wanted to get back to the girl asap, but I seemed to have stumbled off the wrong path.

It was at this moment that I entered into the “change outcome loop” and I find myself transported back to the lobby again. However, I’m not quite sure at which point of time in the dream I have transported myself into and that was when I woke up.

I’m really puzzled over who this girl is. I’m quite sure I have not seen her in RL before.


Posted by Ruok On December - 28 - 2007

Tonight is the screening of my “lecherous vagabond” role, according to 8 days.

Episode starts at 9pm, channel 8.

I should be appearing towards the end though (should be a cliffhanger) and the scene will continue on Monday 29 December.

Its funny how I start the year with a screening of such a scene and now I’m ending the year with another screening of the same. >.< I think at this rate, all the potential Janes will zhao lor liow.

Update : I got my very own animated gif for my efforts! @.@ More about this later, a bit sloshed now.

Me Tarzan, You Jane?

Posted by Ruok On December - 27 - 2007

My former business partner is getting married in early January. Last night, one of my oldest friend called me to invite me to his wedding, also in early January.

I tried to count who amongst my straight peers are still swinging and single and it dawned upon me that I am, quite literally, the only one left. I’m the last man standing, so as to speak.

I am rather bemused over this than sad; and no, I don’t feel the need to go and get hitch just because this is happening (or has happened). I still believe she’s out there, and until I meet her, I shouldn’t settle.

Of course, in the meantime, I’ll just keep looking.

Me Tarzan, you Jane? 😉

Happy Birthday To You

Posted by Ruok On December - 25 - 2007

Wishing You a very happy birthday!

And to all my readers, a merry and wonderful Christmas!

Santarina just delivered my present

Posted by Ruok On December - 23 - 2007


Ain’t she a beaut?

Now… to bend her to my will. 😀

She Nailed Me

Posted by Ruok On December - 19 - 2007

Remember this?

According to 8 Days, the (Golden Path) episode will be shown on 28 December, channel 8.

Last night, in the middle of my sleep, the toenail finally came off, weeks after it was trodden badly by her.

Yeah, you can say she finally nailed me.

Larkin Step

Posted by Ruok On December - 18 - 2007

Once in a long while, I’ll come across some good shite worth plugging.

This is one of them :

Is That My Son?

Posted by Ruok On December - 14 - 2007

My mum just discovered my showreel on youtube.

She tells me she’s gonna ask all her friends to watch it. >.<


Posted by Ruok On December - 12 - 2007

Dave dropped me a note last week to inform me that 4444 is screening at a film fest in Florida.

IFCT Schedule Jacksonville, FL

December 6th 2007, 10pm-11:30pm

Short Experimental Films

4444 Directed by David Liu

Singapore & US, Trapped in a mundane loop of transportation work and lottery tickets, a man fails to notice the numbers 4444 manifesting themselves in eerie and inconceivably absurd ways.

Then, I bumped into an ex-salsa classmate on Saturday and she told me she just caught it on the Substation.

Just Watch – Silent Films on loop
A projection on a wall and seats by the staircase… an old fashioned way of viewing film. 7 to 10 Dec, noon to 10pm at The Substation Level 3 Staircase Landing. Free admission.

1. Satori / 8min / 2003 / Michael Tan
2. Happy Birthday Sharon / 13min / 2002 / Gozde and Russel Zehnder
3. Lamentation / 7min / 2003 / Victric Thng
4. 4444 / 8min / 2005 / David Liu
5. Girl in the Red Sarong / 15min / 2007 / Jeremy Sing
6. Uncommon Spaces / 14min / 2007 / Jogn

I want some form of royalties, dammit. 😛

But seriously, I’m quite proud that this little ditty still has its appeal after so long.

Burnt Balls

Posted by Ruok On December - 10 - 2007

It was the third take when it happened. This time round, the cup of coffee that I was supposed to topple over the edge of the table, somehow managed to splashed its contents onto my groin area.

I could only hold out for as long as 2 seconds before whelping in pain and prancing up and down like my pants were on fire. Thankfully, the director had yelled “Cut!” by that time.

And that was how I scalded my balls for the first time during a shoot. I can just imagine the out-takes reel on this one. >.< Other than that, my first bona fide comedy role was concluded without much incident. It was good to do comedy again, and I think I did a pretty good job, considering my long absence from it. On a more technical note, I'm really putting my new found approaches to acting to good use. And I was surprised to see that I could marry the different techniques together... hmm maybe they aren't that different to begin with anyway. 😛 I guess I'm okay if this is the last project this year... I'm just glad to be able to finish the work year off on a high. Am really looking forward for a break, and though I thought I'll never say this, this includes acting as well. 😉