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Day 5 Expose

Posted by Ruok On April - 20 - 2006

Due to the bad weather, I had to go back again another day to finish up my scenes. It just happens that this week I was starting on another project, so its kinda disruptive to adjust my schedule to fit the shoot.

My major scenes were being shot today, so naturally I was a bit more psyched up, even though in all honesty, how major can a minor character’s role be? 😛 We shot the more physically demanding one first, which had me sprinting down the length of a HDB corridor at full speed.

I think when it came down to my character’s actual big scene, I may have been a tad too tired, having run down the corridor at full gallop several times. I can’t say I was particularly pleased with what I have done, but the director seemed ok with it. Of course, due to the fact that the production was already over-running like crazy, he may have bigger things to worry about than to tweak the performance of a minor character. Hopefully, it all turns out well…

In between takes, I chatted with another actor, Louis…

Me, Louis and Fish.

Louis have been acting for about 10 years. He’ll prolly look familiar to some of you, having done numerous TCS 8 productions as well as having a regular stint in one of the variety program show thingy for six years. He was also a delight to have around the set as he’s always up to some antics to entertain us and always blanjiaing (treating) us to delicious snacks from time to time.

He was also the one who taught me to fall down from a squatting position and was always glad to give us lesss experienced actors pointers on the set. He’s no longer actig full time though, so I had to ask him how come he decide to seemingly give it all up.

He related to me that he too, got disheartened when despite all that he has done and achieved, they still deemed it fit to only offered him bit roles. And so one day, he decided enough is enough and he shouldn’t hang around and wait anymore. I empathised with him, for isn’t that how I have been feeling all this while? And I wondered if my path will end up like his, after ten years (I think I’m kinda halfway there now).

As I reflected on this, it dawned on me that on this shoot, I’d gotten to know two actors. One, who seems to be following in my footsteps, and another, whom I seem to be following in his.

On the road less travelled, its kinda nice to know you are not the only fool trekking this path. 😛

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