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Wrap Party Expose!

Posted by Ruok On April - 27 - 2006

The principal shoot of the movie was finally finished and I was invited to an informal wrap party at the director’s abode.

Director Eng Tiong, wearing a Ed Wood tshirt kekeke.

I think its by no mean feat that they have finished on schedule, even with numerous delays caused by the bad weather in April. Kudos to ET and the rest of the crew!

Hmm, looks like ET has a sashimi craving kekeke

Its my first wrap party, and though it wasn’t the wild party that I have imagined, I think everyone did had a good time, judging from all the merry making around me. We also happened to chance upon Louis on screen as he appeared on the telly for some chinese drama series that was currently showing. No wonder he left earlier, hehehe.

A couple of pics with the stars of the movie!

Uncle Liang Tien

The lovely Yvonne! And her thorns 😛

Bernard Tan

We didn’t get to see any rushes, which was quite a bummer for me. But ET did say he’ll invite me to the premier, which is definitely something to look forward to! ^.^

3 Responses to “Wrap Party Expose!”

  1. sunshin3 says:

    i still don’t like yvonne lim. =P

  2. KingMeng says:

    Hmm….not the best pictures that Yvonne Lim has taken….

    Change camera lah. 😛

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