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Flu Bugged Acting

Posted by Ruok On January - 17 - 2008

Caught the rain on the first day of the shoot and by the end of the shoot, I already felt a sore throat creeping up. But as we only wrap at 11pm and I had an early morning shoot the next day, I had no chance to see a doctor.

So the next day, I really had a sore throat but as I didn’t have much speaking scenes, I thought it was alright for me to continue. It would have been ok if the rest of the flu symptoms didn’t crept up.

Towards the last scene, I was already not feeling well and have already felt this affecting my acting.

But strangely, the director didn’t say anything…. I can only hope I still did well enough despite feeling so out of it.

On another note, my pretty co-star did perk my mood up a bit with her cute antics on the set.

Remind me not to have a daughter next time. I would be so totally at her mercy. >.<

5 Responses to “Flu Bugged Acting”

  1. Aftiel says:

    get well soon !!! =)

  2. starm|st says:

    sho sweet and pretty!

  3. JayWalk says:

    Cradle snatcher!! Wait tio rotan!!!

  4. Ruok says:

    Angel, danke!

    Starmist, you don’t say.

    Jay, you don’t say.

  5. naeboo says:

    waaa. so pretty.

    get well soon. i also sore throat. one blood redshot eye too. phlegmy.

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