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More Than Meets The Eye

Posted by Ruok On June - 27 - 2007

Guess everyone and their neighbour’s dog will be talking about the Transformers movie soon.

What I’ll always remember the Transformer series for, is not the toys, the cartoons or even the comics.

Nope, what I’ll always remember is “Decepticons”.

Back then, when the series was immensely popular, the hornier amongst us coined a codeword for girls who looked very nice from behind, but when they turned around, they looked like a tranny who has forgotten to shave. Kinda like that biker dude from the Clairol shampoo ad.

Yup, the codeword for them were “Decepticons”.

Yeah, we were awfully wicked, but you must admit, it was a brilliant codeword. 😉

2 Responses to “More Than Meets The Eye”

  1. nadnut says:

    lol. i know of another codeword. beethoven. (bei tua fen?). back more points? heh

  2. Ruok says:

    Can’t beat Decepticon leh.

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