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Posted by Ruok On June - 17 - 2007

My first experience on stage, contrary to believe, wasn’t for acting. It was for singing. Back then I was in kindergarten, and the teacher wanted me in the choir. We were supposed to do an item for some dunno-what Day, and it was also the first time I had to put up makeup.

It’s bad enough for a 5/6 year old to endure “sissy” taunts from his unwell meaning classmates for being in the choir. Then I found out on the day of the performance that I had to freaking put on makeup and lipstick as well. Its enough to make any grown boy cry. And despite my violently childish protests, they went ahead and doll me up anyways.

So there was me, all dolled up on stage, and feeling more petulant than nervous. To top it off, in the midst of singing I could hear the taunting laughter from where I was. Silly me then decided to salvage some lost pride by pretending to sing along instead. But I couldn’t fool some of the unwell meaning idiots in the front row; who were already gesturing to the teacher that I was lip synching. So I dropped the act altogether and luckily the teacher was none the wiser. In fact, she chided those dolts for accusing me! Haha!

And needless to say, I got the lipstick off me in a big hurry as soon as the performance was over.

Looking back, I now wonder if it that traumatic experience had somehow affected my interest in singing…

Sigh. Two more weeks before I’m into the breach again. >.<

2 Responses to “Pre-Prologue”

  1. sunshin3 says:

    let’s see that lippy again!

  2. Ruok says:

    Leia… I dun quite get u.

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