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Numbers Don’t Lie

Posted by Ruok On June - 12 - 2007

There are just so many great tv shows out there, which really is a testimony to how creative the American industry is. Its funny how we seem to be copying everything from America, but we fail to copy the good stuff. Anyway I digress.

As there are just too many shows out there, I just can’t possibly catch all of them. And one of these shows is House, M.D..I was fortunate enough to catch a few episodes of it in its second season, and was immensely impressed by the writing. I’m sure fans of the shows dig the House-isms as much as I do.

One that left an impression on me was from the second season’s finale :

“4s marry 4s and 7s marry 7s. Numbers don’t lie.”

Of course, he went on to cite factors which might have caused the mismatch in numbers, like wealth and shotgun weddings. But other than that, the premise is true. Which got me thinking and looking the folks around me.

You know what, he’s quite right. Numbers don’t lie. And if they do, there’s always a reason for the miscomputation.

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