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Year of Popping Cherries

Posted by Ruok On December - 28 - 2005

As the year draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to note down all the cherry popping I have done all year. (Yeah, I’m a real rogue ain’t I? 😉 ) Its gonna be a long post, so grab a cuppa of your fav drink and read on if you wanna…

This has been a really weird year for me, in the sense that I feel like I’m being unleashed into the world all over again. Why? Because I have been experiencing a lot of “first times” this year. So without further ado, here’s the list, in errm order of remembrance (not preference hor) :

1. First time I had a reel wedding. (See January archives for more details)
2. First time I stayed home and watched the Oscars live.
3. First time I got recognised by my neighbour.
4. First time I got recognised at the hawker centre by the stall owners whose stalls I frequent.

5. First time my face got plastered on the big screen tv in the coffeeshop as I was walking past it.

6. First time I got recognised by my fav yong tau foo stall owner whose stall I frequent when I go and work out.

7. First time I got recognised while having dinner in a restaurant by the waitress. I think I got a bigger cut of the steak as a result. *blush*

8. First time I got recognised by a client who actually found my website by searching for actors… (*gasp*) He did it after he thought he saw me on telly.

9. First time I got recognised by a shop-owner while hunting for accessories for Halloween in a shopping mall.

10. First time I got “recognised” so many times in a year. 😛
11. First time I hit 50K hits on my website! Woohoo!
12. First time I hit 100K hits on my website! Woohoo!
13. First time I hit 200K hits on my website! Woohoo… Wait a minute… ok this is starting to freak me out a bit.

14. First time I hit over 30K hits in a month. This is in December, which means its like 35K++ and counting… *faint*

15. First time I got involved in a dramatised reading. Kind of my first foray into professional theatre too. Not that it really open any doors though, but I did meet some very cool actors and actresses. And felt accepted. Sort of. LOL. 😛 (Details can be found in my March Archives)

16. First time I created my very own RSS feed. Yeah that was back in the days of weaving dreams.

17. First time I mangled lyrics of a song and post it online. (See March Archive, “I’m too sexy for my blog”)

18. First time I kenna eye infection which later lead on to becoming a cyst. Which kinda threw a spanner into my quest for a six-pack.

19. First time I kenna a bad gastric, which kinda threw a big spanner into my quest for a six-pack.

20. First time I kenna back problem, which again threw another spanner into my quest for a six-pack. (My back problem has not fully went away *sigh*) Wah lau eh, liddat how to achieve six-pack I ask you? :(

21. First time I kenna so many health problems in one year. *sigh* You know what they say, old machinery breaks down more often… -_-‘

22. First time I got tomorrowed. Heh.
23. First time I plug myself to get tomorrowed and got it, thats how I first got to be tomorrowed in the first place. This was when tomorrow was just starting out, and I thought I just try plugging myself for fun. It was the first and last time I plugged myself cuz it juz felt weird to me to plug myself on tomorrow lol. (See April Archives, “A Casino by any other Name”)

24. First time I organised a birthday celebration for myself.
25. First time I puked because my Christian friends hoot me jialat jialat. I think I must have finished almost one whole bottle by myself. Nah Beh, and these people are Christians some more. Tsk tsk.

26. First time I went on a blind date solo.
27. First time I went out with a blogger to watch a concert.
28. First time I played a romantic interest. (Hahaha connected with the reel wedding)
29. First time I acted for a FYP by NTU students. (You can watch this in my video clips section, called “I Can’t Sleep”)

30. First time I see myself in a press kit!
31. First time I watched myself auditioning for a role… No comment. 😛
32. First time kenna interviewed! By two bloggers! LOL
33. First time I turned down an interview! By TNP! LOL
34. First time I attended a bloggers’ get-together session.
35. First time I met the errm barflies. Heh, I wasn’t one of them then.
36. First time I mistook people calling me cuz I thought they were calling my nick. Highly embaressing moment…(May archives, “Deja Vu”)

37. First time I plugged a song on my website. (“Sway” -The Perishers)
38. First time I am in a tvc! Woohoo! (But still not aired yet… heh.)
39. First time I waited for more than 6 months to get paid! Not so woohoo! :(
40. Ooh forgot. First time kenna recognised by one of my mum’s domestic maids. (My mum runs a maid agency you see)

41. First time I plonged myself in a crowded bar and drank alone. It lasted all of 30 minutes, before I got summoned out by my friends… heh.

42. First time I appeared in an ad for MTV(about 3 seconds niah)
43. First time I acted in the MRT train cabin, with commuters et al. (See “4444” for said scene)

44. First time I acted a lead role without any dialogue. (See ‘4444″) Hmm, this appeared on the 44th first time somemore lol. I didn’t plan this, its really coincidental. 😀

45. First time I attended a bloggers’ convention! (So did many others lol) BTW, I just found out recently that many people thought I was really zoning in the posed picture of me lying zonked out at bloggers’ convention. I was acting lah! Wah lau eh. But I guess I’m that good huh? 😛 (See “Virgin Convention, July archives)

46. First time I was told I looked kinda worrying…. and apparently, I still do. *sigh*
47. First time a short film I acted in won an award! Yay! (“4444”, Canon DV Fest for the Heartlands Audience Choice Award 2005)

48. First time I attended an award ceremony! Woohoo!
49. First time I saw my short film on a BIG screen! Woot!
50. First time I had a bed scene! Wahahaha! Next time hopefully will have a proper one 😛 (Full Circle -The Contract)

51. First time my former lecturer catch me on television. Heh.
52. First time I see myself on television while having breakfast in the kopitiam. It was quite… surreal.

53. First time I kenna bought a drink by a chio bu. We were at this Irish pub and she suddenly asked me if I got drink stout before. I answered in the negative, and she said “Time to learn boy!” And so,it became the …

54. First time I drink Guiness draft. I likeeeeeee~~~~~~
55. First time I got my buttocks massaged… *shudders at re-collection of being molested by the charbor masseuse*

56. First time I shot, edit and produced a video! (Shot it for the Handicapped Welfare Association on a voluntary basis to help them raise funds to build their very own basketball court.) How was it? The “client” liked it, so I guess that’s what mattered. But I know I’m no Spielberg… yet. 😛

57. First time I posted Valerie’s peekture online. They really loved ya boobs Val. 😉
58. First time I attended a Halloween’s party.
59. First time I started using a blogging tool to blog; departing from my DIY weaving dreams days. (Errm Zeus, if you are reading, I’m still waiting for Aphrodite hor… :P)

60. First time I dreamed about her. (Yes, she was naked)
61. First time I’m keeping a dream journal. Of late, I can’t remember my dreams though, dunno if its because the dream is frightened of being recorded… heh.

62. First time I kenna cowboyed! And cowboyed! And cowboyed! o.O
63. First time I was doubted as an actor. Well, maybe not the first time, but its the first time after I have given overwhelming evidence. Sheesh.

64. First time I got so high and danced with someone to work it off, only to realise I can’t really remember her face the next day. Oh well. 😉

65. First time we spent the nite together. Well, kinda anyway. 😉
66. First time I’m growing another ‘face’ on my cheek. Yeah, I’d better get it remove before it really turns into another face. 😛

67. First time I “flamed” some guy on my blog. Bah, he deserved it.
68. First time I ignored a comment on my blog. Heh. My bad.
69. First time I kenna spam on my website! Nahbeh.

Thats all I can remember heh. I may have missed out on a few other first times, but I’m sure its nothing important. A few days to go before the year ends, who’s to say I won’t experience any more eh? 😉

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  1. 9 says:

    nb…end at 69. LOL

  2. monkey says:

    wah rao
    this is A LOT of first time
    *blur liao*

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