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Without Warning

Posted by Ruok On November - 16 - 2006

Sometimes, I’m beginning to think if my life really imitates my art. This morning, I checked the Mediacorp website to see if I could find clues of whether my episode is on or not. I think I saw somewhere that it is episode 4 and the synopsis was also about another story, so I went out thinking that my episode is on next week.

But as I was trying this new skating machine in the gym, and viewing the numerous tv screens before me, I caught a glimpse of a familiar scene in one of the screens to my right.

No prizes for guessing this one, they were showing a trailer of tonight’s episode, which just happens to be the episode(s) I’m on.

Just like that, without warning at all.

Due to knowing this at the very last minute, I had to SMS to all my friends. Which was quite ironic because I’ve met up with them recently and they were complaining about how I don’t give SMS alerts anymore. Which was incidentally, their way of telling me they don’t read my blog. -_-”

Anyway, for those who do, please tune in to tonight’s episode of Without Warning, Channel 5, 9 pm. Sorry for the late notice, but I also got to know of this at the very last minute. :(

On another note, I hope my life don’t imitate my art of being a lecher tomorrow. 😛

Update : I swear my frens are gonna dub this the “ruok” episode. -_-” Oh there is a second part, so stay tune to the same channel same time next week!

8 Responses to “Without Warning”

  1. sunshin3 says:

    yeah man, sibei without warning..

  2. naeboo says:

    awww.. but i read ur blog. i just dont have access to sg channels 😛

  3. JayWalk says:

    Same here leh… stuck in Ch1na leh.

    Can put it up on youtube or something?

  4. Princess says:

    I read!! but.. wasnt home last night to catch it.. =C

  5. Ruok says:

    Leia, hurhur.

    Naeboo, aww, I’ll arrange a private screening for you. 😉

    Jaywalk, dude, I think I can’t do that cuz its available on mobtv. Which means copyrighted lah. I can only do excerpts I think, but I have to wait till the end of next week’s episode to do it.

    Your highness, nair mind, tune in next week. And if you want sms alert next time, all you have to do is email me your number 😉

  6. Princess says:

    hmm.. good idea.. den u can ask me out for coffee too.. LOL..

  7. JayWalk says:

    Sigh… looks like I have to go JB to look for cheong VCDs. hahahahah

  8. Ruok says:

    Your highness, yes, but you can always do the asking too if you want.

    Jaywalk, I don’t think they’ll be coming out in VCDs anytime soon. So don’t think you can get lor. But you definitely can get it from pay per view. 😛

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