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Without Warning – Aftermath

Posted by Ruok On November - 29 - 2006

The feedback I’ve been getting for my performance has been generally very good, and I’m really glad I didn’t suck after pestering so many people to watch. 😛

As you all know, this role was my most challenging by far; its my first crying scene and I had really hoped that I won’t end up a crying shame. So I was really happy and relieved when people tell me that they were moved and were close to tears. I guess if I were any better at it, I would have made them cry. (Bah, I’ll get them the next time 😉 )

I’m also happy some people had felt this was my best performance to date, even better than my *koff* pour boiling water over some woman’s face *koff koff* role. Hopefully, the powers that be thinks so too, and I can finally shed my bad guy stereotype.

For my overseas friends, here’s an excerpt from the show :

Do note that the full two episodes are available for viewing via mobtv. Look for episode 5 and 6.

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