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Where Do They Find These Guys

Posted by Ruok On December - 16 - 2005

Last night, I was telling some frens how el cheapo here sometimes use the back of my precious iPod to check my make-up while out on a shoot. Some SickGuy who had joined us at our table remarked :

“So you must also drop your iPod on the floor often to peer up the skirts of girls?”

FYI, SickGuy, no one buys an iPod to drop it. Unless he’s sick, like you.
And if you have to resort to such things to get your fix, then you truly are sick and should seek help soon before you get yourslef into deep shit. (Even though being in deep shit may feel like home to you)

Even if you were joking, its a poor joke and it reflects very poorly on you.

Bah, where do they find these guys and why do they keep bothering me? :(

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