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What A Day!

Posted by Ruok On July - 25 - 2006

Of late I’ve been plagued by dreams that I can’t seem to remember. And I want to remember these dreams, damn it, cuz they really have been robbing me of a good nite’s sleep. Anyway, last night was one of those nights again and I woke up bleary-eyed and a bit later than I would have liked.

But instead of preparing for my audition, I don’t know why I had this sudden urge to check through my yahoo groups, and lo and behold, I found quite a few important casting calls that I missed due to my inane spam email filter program bouncing these mails again. Heng ah!! Cuz for a number of them, today’s the last day of casting.

So I hurriedly note down all the details before I rushed off to my first audition. But not before having to endure my mum’s endless tirade about me settling down again… Man, I thought she got off my case already. Now she’s threatening to take matters into her own hands!! Aiyaiyaiyaiyai!!! (Looks like I need you to come down here a lot sooner babe :P)

Anyhoo, I had a long wait at my first audition, so I used the time to call and arrange for the rest of the auditions. I managed to clinch 2, which makes it a grand total of 6 roles over 3 auditions!

And I had a great time auditioning for these roles, cuz out of the six, four were funny ones. Man I really, really miss doing comedy. Hehehe. Hopefully I can land one of the funny roles. 😛 *prays hard*

I think this is the first time I got to audition for so many roles in a single day. And though I know this is how a typical actor’s day should be, I’m sad to say, days like today are very hard to come by for me… *sigh* But what the heck, for now, I’m just glad to have days like these!

Oh, and you know what, most of my clients paid me today as well. Talk about icing on the cake!

Ah, what a day indeed. 😀

2 Responses to “What A Day!”

  1. starmist says:

    congratss =) looking forward to seeing more of you on tv. hur hur.

  2. naeboo~ says:

    wah! spidey sense saved the day!

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