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Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?


Posted by Ruok On June - 2 - 2007

“So why are you joining this contest?’
“Cuz I’m tired of using the shower head as the mike.”
“You look familiar, (looks at application form) “oh, you’ve done productions in Channel 5 before?”
“Yes I have.”
“Are you under any talent agency?”
“No, I’m a freelancer”
“Have you joined any singing competition before?”
“Why not?”
“Errm, cuz I’ve never thought of becoming a singer.”
“Then why are you here?! What is your dream?”
“My dream is to be an actor.”
“so why did you join this competition?”
“I was “attacked” at the mall.”
“What? Oh you got here because of “Hit and Run”. Which place?”
“Cineleisure. I was with a girl, going to catch a movie when they just sprang out of nowhere as I stepped out of the apple store.”
“So are you saying that you are forced into this?”
“No, they told me I was good enough… so ok lor, why not?”
“Who approached you?”
“Eng Hao”
“So why have you not gone for any singing competition before?”
“Well I’ve never thought of singing for other people. I sing for my own pleasure, to relieve stress. I sing when I shower, I even sing when I’m on the train, albeit softly, when I’m very into the song I’m listening.
“But you said you wanted to act right?”
“Yes, but I also see myself as an actor who can sing when he is needed to. So I see myself being able to sing in a movie or in a musical.”

More or less, that is the transcript of the Q&A session, as much as I can remember it. For obvious reasons, this is password protected (yeah its my first one I know). And as you can pretty much guess, I’m prolly not the typical contestant they are looking for either. At least not the gushing ooh I’ve always wanted to do this kind of contestant. And I thought then that if I got through after such a Q&A session, then it really must be His Will.

And you know what, I did got through.

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  1. monkey says:

    god’s will. i agree

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