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The Keng King Returns …

Posted by Ruok On June - 8 - 2010

… to his ninth ICT. And we were told somehow we won best battalion again for the division.

We are still wondering how on earth we won that, and if we are the best, then we cannot imagine how bad is the worst. 😛

That aside, I decided to write this entry because I had the weirdest dream last night in camp. The details are kinda sketchy but it involves me joining a group of friends from a previous dream sequence for a a round of drinks at some pub. And apparently I was buying that night. We were having loads of fun, and these people that are in my dream are not people I know personally. But they seem to have appeared before in a dream sequence that I didn’t blog about because I keep forgetting the details of those previous sequences.

BUT I now realised that someone in this particular sequence is in fact someone I do know in real life. And she has appeared topless twice so far in this sequence; one in the previous dream sequence and now in last night’s one.

Although she appeared topless, I must stress there was nothing sexual about it in the dream.

Which makes it all the more mind boggling.

On another note, the bill for the drinks came out to be $600.

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