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The Island

Posted by Ruok On January - 29 - 2006

Its been a few weeks since my last entry, but that does not mean I have not been dreaming. Rather, I have been dreaming of a sequence of late, but I cannot remember enough of the details when I wake up, which makes it difficult to write an entry about it. Hopefully, this sequence will continue so that I will get a chance to remember it properly.

Last night, I continued a sequence where I left off months ago. This sequence also kinda start abruptly, and is about me and a few dream-self friends taking a trip to some island. As always, these “friends” will know my dream-self very well and vice-versa, but I have never seen them in real life before.

We started off in a boat, and I am told we are off to a sailing trip. Previous trips have been a diving one and a white water rafting one. I remember the diving one best, its a weird one where we have to swim along the seabed from one island to another. Then in the middle of the swim, I remember coming across this huge vastness; its like being in the middle of the dessert, and I am underwater.  The weird part was the water was so clear that when I looked up I could see the night sky above me.
Anyway, back to the dream. So it turns out that we are on a ferry to another island where we will then board another sail boat. There were supposed to be nine of us in the boat, and we were waiting for the others to board. I remember wanting to get out of the boat to go get something (forgot what is it that I needed to get), but decided against it as I was afraid I will cause everyone else to be late. Just as I was musing over my decision, I realised that I was dreaming, and decided that I should exercise my powers and put the missing luggage that I forgot to bring into the boat with me.

The next thing I know, the boat was suddenly overcrowded. Instead of 9 peeps, it now has 12 peeps! Luckily, the boat could still take the number and so we made our way to the island. I used to think the island was in Malaysia or something, but in this dream, I realised that the name of the island has never been mentioned in the sequence before. The weird part is my dream-self also never bothered to ask, it was as if he already knew. We arrived at the jetty, and was told we would need to travel quite a bit to where the sail boat is. The leader tells us that we are going to cycle there, and while the rest of the party seemed to be renting bikes, it turns out that I have brought along my own personal portable one.

We manouvered through slopes and winding pathways before arriving at a structure that has flight of stairs zig-zagging around it. It looks like one of those Aztecian or Mayan structures and I remember following one of the party member as we negotiated it.

That’s where the dream ended. Hopefully, I will remember how it continues from here.

5 Responses to “The Island”

  1. 9 says:

    maybe you be travelling in the future? perhaps some exotic diving trip on the side of the globe…

  2. Aftiel says:

    why ur dreams always so cheem one…

  3. nadnut says:

    hmmm. you have very interesting dreams. i dont seem to recall having any dreams most of the time. :(

  4. Ruok says:

    9 > eh dun think so. If its really the future, I think I need to go buy toto liow. 😛

    Angel > I osos say… let’s just say I have a pretty wild imagination? 😉

    Nad > Need more zinc in ur diet. I can’t always remember them either.

  5. 9 says:

    precisely mah…u never know….

    for me…i dream stuff…then when the time comes…like knn deja vu…like flashback everything seem too familiar…..sends shivers ah i tell u…scary shit.

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