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Tau Ghay Kah Gui

Posted by Ruok On April - 16 - 2007

Literally translated, it means “bean sprouts more expensive”.

This is the typical response I get when folks realised that they have to pay to see me perform in the two plays this weekend. I guess the last time people had to pay to see me was when I just started to venture back into acting in my alumni performance for my hall of residence. And six years since, folks have been watching me for free.

That is until now. Somehow, it kinda feels a bit of a full circle.

Have not been blogging about the rehearsals because I’ve been too busy. Tonight’s a little respite before I’m overwhelmed by rehearsals again. So I might as well attempt a little summary of how this stage thingy is going for me.

If you don’t know, stage is my first love. But I kinda left her twice, first was when I went about making sense of my education and being a true corporate slave; second was when I had made sense of my education (it was non sense) and decide to pursue my dreams.

But I didn’t return to her then; but instead forsook her once more and went in search for another love (screen) which was more flashy and glamorous. But deep in my heart, she was always my first love and I knew I would return to her. But a complete actor had to be able to do both stage and screen and I’d figured she’d understand.

I’d planned to return earlier but like a lover hurt, she did not welcome me back so easily. But I’m gratified that she hasn’t totally ignored me and with each rehearsal, I feel the old stirrings of the heart in her again. I don’t think I’m nowhere near the peak when I left her, but I’m confident it will all come back.

And then it will be like we’ve never part. 😀

Remember hor, Apr 21 and 22, Arts House Play Den, 3pm. Go grab your tickets now!

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  1. naeboo says:


    why u talk abt ur love for acting on diff platforms like u r talking abt diff women??

  2. Ruok says:

    Eh cannot ah?

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