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Still Have It

Posted by Ruok On September - 23 - 2007

Got roped in to play as Quah Kim Swee, one of Quah Kim Song’s brothers in a docudrama about his Life Story. The script called for a scene where we were playing football and I was pretty excited about it.

Of course, the last time I played a full football match of sorts was almost two decades ago, while I was in primary school. And, mind you, Kim Swee was a national player. Talk about an acting challenge. -_-”

The director choreographed the moves with us yesterday morning, and we kept practising till we, errm, could pass off as national players on screen. I think we took a good one hour of practice and then another hour just to shoot the sequences down.

The experience was almost akin to 2 hours of interval training. And to say I was damn shagged at the end is really just an understatement. Typing this now, every freaking muscle of my body aches and I remember taking a three hour nap after I finished the rest of the scenes (the football scene was the first scene, and I had two more scenes with dialogue after that).

Oh, and I had blisters on both my feet as well. The pain-until-walk-must limp-a-bit kind. Talk about suffering for the art man. 😛

But my efforts did not go to waste; the director was really impressed with my football skills (and, I hope, my acting as well). All I can say is that despite such a long hiatus, I still have it man. I guess what they say is true, form is temporary, class is permanent, kekeke. 😉

Either that or its the power of Method. But if it really is Method, I think I’m about to freak out…

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  1. sunshin3 says:

    maybe he’s trying to suggest to you that you should try your hand at football instead.


  2. Ruok says:

    Leia, doubt that. He did say he’ll keep me in mind for future roles that involve playing football.

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