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Stay Far Away, So Close

Posted by Ruok On August - 23 - 2006

Its been a few years since I’ve met most of them, and it was good to catch up and see that they are getting on fine and doing well.

And I guess its safe to say the only one not fine and not doing well is yours truly. Heh. 😛

We talked about loads of stuff, mostly inane stuff. Heck I can’t even remember the stuff we talked about now. I only noticed how we never talked about you. It was as almost as if it was taboo to mention about you.

I had seen this coming; and though I harboured hopes that I may learn of your well-being and/or whereabouts tonight, I knew my hopes were slim all along.

And its moments like these of wondering and asking after you that I truly wonder if I’m really over you. And for the past six months or so, I’ve had many many such moments. And because of these moments, because of my doubts, I have let certain people down…

I just wanna know if you are getting on fine. I just wanna know if you are doing well.

I just wanna know that you are happy.

7 Responses to “Stay Far Away, So Close”

  1. Me says:

    hmmn.. sad excerpt.. i guess hiding the questions doesnt help if you are still thinking about them. did you not ask for fear of knowing the answers? i know nothing about what you are referring to and hope im not too direct but one does not live in the past. It does take time to move on but the days that you let slip by while you are doing so will never return.

  2. 9 says:

    is it the same people whom i used to know too?

    *runs away*

  3. Ruok says:

    Me : (Gee, why do I feel like I’m talking to me? :P) I see someone has been googling. Nah, its not because of fear of knowing the answers. I know one does not live in the past, but sometimes the past will come back to haunt thee.
    Thanks for dropping by!

    9 : Why run away? 😛 Nope, you don’t know this group of people.

  4. 9 says:

    Some of the past is better left undug. Hur hur hur….can make movie oredi. Haaa

  5. Ruok says:

    9, some past cannot stay buried How’s your script coming along?

  6. 9 says:

    havent start….next week the final hurdle….got hand over all the stuff…he sure to be problematic for my final 4 days. 😛

  7. naeboo~ says:

    : )

    dig dig dig!!!

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