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Posted by Ruok On February - 10 - 2006

I have just done up a new showreel, you guys can go watch it here.

Its slightly longer than the old one, and I took out some of the more “offending” footage… heh. Some of my friends have also told me to put my classic “this is what I do to girls who reject me” scene right at the back, so that I don’t keep getting stereotyped to play bad guys.

But by doing so, I feel it breaks the pace of the reel. So this Quentin Taratino wanna be have decided, to hell with my image, a good show is more important. However, I did push it back to the second clip though so hopefully that helps. 😛

Part of the pain in doing a reel is deciding which scene to put in. I was actually in a dilemma over whether to choose the current one (Full Circle) or the one where the character’s foster mum died. Those two scenes were my strongest (I feel) in the show but I felt that the latter required the audience to know the back story to bring out the drama in the scene. To watch it on its own seem to deflate the scene’s impact, and since I can’t do the scene justice if I include in as part of the reel, I chose the other one.

Which was again a pain, as the whole scene was about 3 minutes. And yes, it was draggy. So I decided to just highlight my switch in emotion from disappointment to anger at being rejected by the character’s real father. I also cut out the last part when I got really angry because I think the following clip already showcase my rage (Although, for the record, I would like to think that I managed to portray two very different aspect of rage :P).

I had a few other clips that I had to choose from, mainly from “4444” and “I Can’t Sleep“. Somehow the scenes from “I Can’t Sleep” was too dark ( pun not intended) and the quality was really grainy compared to the rest. In the end, I decided to take it all out together.

The reel also took quite some time as I had to experiment with various formats and bitrate to get a lag-free version on my Eve. All so to make it a little easier for the peeps (that I’m gonna force) watching my reel at the festival. And its not easy to figure that one out cuz it doesn’t make any logical sense. I tried a higher bitrate and it lagged worse than my previous effort. So I tied a lower bitrate and it still lagged worse than my original effort. WTF?!

I would discover later that the lag was due to Eve being plugged into Valkyrie (my computer) and video playback performance was better when she was unplugged. *Slaps head* (Note to self : Even gadgets are not meant to be distracted in mid coitus)

You know after spending so much time on it, I have half a mind to compile all my stuff into one long boring clip… May that day never come! 😛 Ok, enough of me complaining, please go watch it and do let me know if this version is better than the previous one.

4 Responses to “Showreel”

  1. Bard says:

    well… this is my first visit after sometime, I thought the downloading was faster. And I think you should include a clip from your MTV stripper role in the showreel.

  2. Candyfeehily says:

    i always thought u were from fly ent. ~_~! wonder why.

  3. Ruok says:

    Bard > That one cannot lah, somemore its in a videotape, very hard to extract.

    Candy > Hmm… I wonder why too. Maybe next time you can tell me.

  4. sunshin3 says:

    this version is definitely much better.. great job!

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