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See Star Part Errm Still Loosing Count

Posted by Ruok On January - 24 - 2006

While buying lunch today, the yong tau foo seller (who had already seen me on telly before) told me she just caught me on “Love Concierge” last night.

Luckily she told me before she handed me my food or my double take would have caused me to spill some foo over me… Yeah, I’m still not used to people recognising me…

Anyway, we chatted a little, and it took quite a bit of convincing for her to believe that I’m not on contract with the station (I wish!). She also mentioned that I looked quite suitable in the role (I was playing a *koff koff* auditor) and said that she couldn’t imagine me playing a bad guy.

So you see hor, at least someone else out there believes I’m too good to be bad. 😛

Her words made me glad that I have stuck to my guns and avoided being typecast in the first place. But just so you know, I think its time for me to be a bad boy again.

7 Responses to “See Star Part Errm Still Loosing Count”

  1. I saw you too… think you are definitely improving, or have definitely improved. Don’t worry! So what if your face is not “Gasp I’m having an orgasm” kinda face, remember that most of the good actors became popular because of hardwork, and the best use of that small opportunity.

    You’ll be great! and I really can’t wait. Haha.

  2. winter says:

    will u the accountant? 😛

  3. candyfeehily says:

    how about ppl regconize you cuz you have a blog?

  4. Ruok says:

    rationaleneurotic> Thanks for the encouraement! I should be in one more episode, I think right abt when Fiona’s tummy starts getting bigger.

    winter> eh dun understand wad u r toking.

    candy> that haben happened yet leh.

  5. sunshin3 says:

    It takes skill to portray a really bad guy and well, ruok, you’ve done it…


  6. Mother says:

    Yea, I saw you on that episode too. 😛

    You should take on those rapist pervert role. Then pour boiling hot water on the victim…….

  7. Candyfeehily says:

    i dont watch tv…. unless at work. ~_~! but yeah you have the “bad boy” face.

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