My Reelity

Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?


Posted by Ruok On September - 2 - 2009

It might have been a difficult scene to do, but boy, am I rusty…

After my rant last night, I think I have cooled down and can now look at this thing objectively. Like it or not, I think I do need the practice and short of hiring an acting coach, this is the cheapest option (not that it is cheap). Plus there are networking opportunities which who knows might turn into something down the road. And also I don’t wanna let my efforts and money spent on making a name card go to waste.

This evening’s session was helmed by Malcolm Young. I think I was a bit too “disrespectful” during the session as I was really treating it like an actual filming of the scene, so I didn’t take too kindly to his directions which seemed out of whack for the scene.

I think the rest of the participants were appalled by my actions lol.

Anyhoo, I introduced myself to him after the session and he told me he recognised me from my demo reel from youtube.

Fwah … and here I thought no one watches my showreel on youtube. 😛

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