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Remember, Remember

Posted by Ruok On September - 28 - 2007

This month of September…

As a self employed, albeit struggling, actor, the recent CPF changes don’t really affect me as much as the rest of Singapore. But when the changes were announced, even I felt indignant about the whole situation.

I give kudos to Mr Siew for highlighting and bringing the crux of the matter to light in his parliament speech and in his blog. And kudos to Thomas Koshy for eloquently putting this matter in the right perspective again.

Ever since I saw more and more old folks clearing tables at hawker centers and food courts a few years back, I’ve already wondered about the adequacy of the CPF system (which reminds me of a certain debate I had with another blogger over this and he has strangely not say anything about this matter so far). If our aged are doing these menial tasks just to survive their wonder years, one has to wonder how effective this system has been so far.

So while it is good that they are planning to improve it, I too, echo, Mr Siew’s thought on this :

But I remain unconvinced that the proposed changes are adequate, or fair to the people.

And aye, I know of no reason why this should ever be forgot.

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  1. sunshin3 says:

    it’s a pity he still remains as an NMP.

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