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Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?


Posted by Ruok On November - 11 - 2008

After a spell of almost 10 months, I finally got my next tv role.

And contrary to what my “fans” are thinking, its not a villainy role.

It was kinda flattering when the casting director told me they thought I was good and was considering a few roles for me. But then again, I’ve always known I was good. 😛

This small role comes at a time when I’m experiencing one of my slowest acting spell. It comes at a time where I’ve done numerous auditions for the past few months and have nothing to show for it. It comes at a time where it really looks like I’ve committed career suicide by rejecting super bit roles from Chinese drama.

It comes at a time where I’ve almost given up.

And yet, I had the balls to ask to look at the script first, and had the balls to ask for decent remuneration.

I do like to live on the edge hor?

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