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Paying Dividend

Posted by Ruok On July - 23 - 2006

When I received the casting call earlier in the week, I thought it was for a production that I applied for. Turns out that the director had gotten my name and contact from somewhere or someone, which had me pondering who that kind soul might be.In any case, my audition tape got a bit screwy and so I had to go down another time. This time, the director was around and I got to know that she got my contact from Dave cuz she liked “4444“! Wahaha, looks like this is starting to pay dividends finally (yeah I reckon its about time too :P).

I excitedly called Dave up to thank him about it and he casually informed me that he heard “4444” has just started screening on TV Mobile. Since he sounded really casual about it, I didn’t really believe him until a friend smsed me and told me I looked good with oxygen tubes up my nose…

I guess its kinda sad that I only look good when I’m comatose. >.< On another note, this kinda explains the weird looks I've been getting on public transport lately...time to, errm, wear my shades more often I guess. :p Update : Saw it on my bus journey today… Luckily no one seems to have recognised me (cuz I forgot to wear my shades dammit) save for a few kids who turned back and looked at me quizzically. I errm, looked quizzically back at them. 😛

What surprised me was that they actually had a commercial break when they screened the film! And it was a long break as well, and suffice to say it totally ruined the mood and impact of the film. To me anyways. *sigh* Ah well.

3 Responses to “Paying Dividend”

  1. monkey says:

    haha darling, having tubes up your nose sounds almost kinky 😉
    ok lah wear your shades more lah 😛
    i think i must have not been taking bus enough to watch tvmobile often enough!

  2. naeboo~ says:

    it has to mean sthg that u look good as a comatose.


    many ppl have to actually look half dead what!

  3. Ruok says:

    monkey > errm tubes up my nose is not kinky hor… *mutter* Anyway, it doesn’t screen every hour or something lah (I think) so its not surprising you haven’t caught it yet.

    naeboo > haha thanks, I guess thats a compliment. 😛 lalala~

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