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One Night @ Wala Wala

Posted by Ruok On October - 4 - 2006

Ruok was at his usual spot, bobbing his head and swaying to the music dished out by the uncomparable, unmatchable and unbeliveable, UnXpected. Tonight would seem to be an ordinary night.

And tonight would seem to be a quiet night.

Ruok took the opportunity to quickly scan the crowd again as the band prepared for its next song. Looks like there won’t be any girls who love dirty rocker boys tonight, he muses quietly to himself.

So he continue to bob, rock and sway through the remaining songs of the set. It was good that the band was playing the songs that he liked, for this meant he could sing along in the midst of his bobbing and swaying. This was his usual modus operandi to enjoying the band’s performance and at times he can be oblivious to his surroundings while he’s doing that.

So after the set, Ruok’s friends left downstairs to puff their magic dragon, while Ruok stayed back and looked after their belongings. It was at this very moment that he noticed a lovely lass walking up to his table.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me coming up to you like that,” she ventured, “But my friends and I were noticing you from our table and we find that its pretty interesting that you appear to be so into the music.”

Ruok’s heart almost skipped a beat and he wondered to himself, could it be, this lovely lass is trying to pick me up? Could this really be happening?

Ruok quickly regained his composure and told her that no of course he didn’t mind and introduced himself. They chit chatted for a little while and Ruok found out that they had actually thought that he was a lawyer!

Goodness gracious, he mused, if only they knew.

After a bit more small talk, Ruok felt that the moment was now ripe for him to ask the lovely lass for her number. But before he could do it, her guy friend came over, presumably to say hi.

“This is Blah Blah, my boyfriend”, she added cheerily to a stunned but able-to-disguise-his-disappointment Ruok.

And the rest of the night, like they say, he’s (pun intended) history.

4 Responses to “One Night @ Wala Wala”

  1. monkey says:

    awww poor darling
    they should make it illegal for attached girls to talk to strangers in a pub

  2. nadnut says:

    awww. *hugs* nevermind, u prefer those jailbait kinda girls right? hahaaa

  3. Ruok says:

    monkey, eh, why leh? I was kinda flattered really, attached or not attached. :)

    nad, jailbait? no lah, she’s definitely legal. Doing a postgrad in law it seems.

  4. naeboo says:

    those attached ppl alw trying to play with our feelings issit!!


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