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Posted by Ruok On December - 19 - 2005

You know how nowadays bloggers at blogspot use word verification thingy to stop spammers from spamming their comments box? Well, today while commenting on duckie‘s blog, mine was “OMGYVK”.

Makes you kinda wonder who the hell is “YVK” to warrant an “OMG” expression….

Yah lah, I know this post very boh liow. I blame it on Monday 😛

2 Responses to “OMG YVK!”

  1. duckhawk says:

    think harder. YVK might be someone you look up to for help. LOL!!

  2. Qiaoyun says:

    Well, it kinda looks like OMG YUK! 😛

    Today I also posted a very bo liao blog… haha. Must really be Monday blues.

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