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Withdrawal Symptoms

Posted by Ruok On May - 2 - 2009

April 2009 will probably go down as THE month to top, and I’m having withdrawal symptoms already.

Playmates 013

Free alcohol, free food, partying with Playmates, two heck of birthday bashes and fine, fine company. I seriously think it doesn’t get any better than this, although boo tells me my wedding day will top all this.

That is, if I ever,ever get married. 😛

The free alcohol started with the whisky tasting, followed by the generosity of VIP Magazine that plied us with drinks during the launch and after launch party, followed by the Bar Stop’s 5th anniversary, which handed us free flow of house pours for about an hour.


Gee … I just remembered I’ve got another bottle of champagne waiting for me at Wala.

The sad part about April was of course seeing the last of Shirlyn till 9 weeks later. But I’m just glad that her last two gigs coincided with my birthday and I had an awesome time.

So if I had the pleasure of your company during this time, I hope you had a blast as well (thanks Jeff for an awesome montage!). 😀

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  1. Nerak says:

    I kissed you twice! :p

  2. ahtiong73 says:


  3. aloe says:

    I din kiss u at all! heng! Hahahahah! =P

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