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New Year’s Eve

Posted by Ruok On December - 31 - 2005

I think the T610 is probably the worst fone I’d ever owned. Not only is it super unresponsive, its prone to many hang-ups as well, which makes using it a very frustrating experience. However, I have resisted upgrading it in the past because I was holding out on a phone that could do the following :-

1) Play video at 320×240 in either WMV or QT format
2) Have radio
3) Looks nice
4) Not bulky
5) Reasonable price

Don’t you just find handphones nowadays to be a tad overpriced? And as you can tell from my requirements for a new phone, my conditions are kinda hard to satisfy. So when a phone like the O2 Atom comes along, I was intrigued. I was actually considering the Nokia 6280 as well, but since that phone comes out only next year and as my T610 is already konking out on me, I decided to wait no further and took the plunge.

Say hi to “Eve” everybody!

A scene from my showreel, now proudly playing at a handphone near you

I’d figured the 6280 will prolly be only slightly cheaper than the Atom when it launches, and at that price a phone with pda functions is prolly more bang for my buck.

The really great thing about Eve is that I can now carry my videos around and shamelessly plug myself even more aggressively muahahahaha. So next time you see me, be afraid. Be very afraid. 😉

Happy New Year everyone!

2 Responses to “New Year’s Eve”

  1. nadnut says:

    nice phone!!!!

  2. monkey says:

    hello eve :)

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