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Posted by Ruok On March - 7 - 2009

You all know about that island caretaker job right?

When I first heard of it, I told myself I’ll only apply if I could think up something for the application video. And a few weeks ago, I had this sudden flash of inspiration. Seeing how these flashes are quite rare these days, I decided I should not let the idea go to waste and so I went ahead and did it.

Unfortunately, it was rather close to the deadline and to cut the long story short, the application got rejected because due to some technical fault, the couldn’t view the video.

Ah well. Perhaps its really not meant to be.

Anyhoo, it’s a shame to let see my efforts go to waste just like that. So I’ve decided to put it up here; and hopefully not incur the wrath of the Association of Muses for letting an inspiration go to waste.

Oh, and by the way, I am still searching for a muse. Interested female parties please apply via email. Oh, applications are closed … found her liow ^^

2 Responses to “Mused”

  1. Bill says:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t make the “Top 50”. I didn’t either. Check out my site for reviews on other candidates…

    I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

  2. sunshin3 says:

    who’s the muse??

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