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Lost That Loving Feeling

Posted by Ruok On December - 18 - 2006

“你好吗?”(How have you been?) asks the wardrobe guy, as I collected my suit for today’s shoot.
“还好” was my reply, which directly translated should mean “still ok”.
He wagged a finger at me and said, “还好就是不好囖”… (Still ok means not ok lor)

Pretty perceptive of him I must say, for I have been quite out of sorts over the past week.

Today I went for my first “A” role. I have been turning down a few since I got upgraded as I’ve been very busy all of a sudden. Yea, my winter kinda ended early in early December (But then again, it kinda started earlier as well). Yet, before all of you start to congratulate me, I’ll have you know that in other areas of my life, winter is still a long and harsh season. And it is perhaps because of this I’ve been feeling the blues the past week and a half.

Anyway, back to the shoot. So was it a big role? No, and like I have told you guys before, being “A” really doesn’t mean they will start handing out meaty roles on a platter. But that is not to say that this role wasn’t a challenge. My fax machine quit on me on Friday and as a result I didn’t receive my script only until midnight today! And the lines given to me were really hard to memorise (still can’t really say it smoothly even now) and to top it off, one of my lines were blurred out and I could only get a replacement copy minutes away from my shoot. Talk about being stressed out man!

But thankfully, that scene was scheduled to be done on Saturday. Today’s scene was simple enough; play boyfriend to May Phua’s character. But as simple as it sounds, it turns out I couldn’t really do a good job. The director wasn’t satisfied with our chemistry and kept saying that we were not lovey dovey enough. I am not sure if at the very end, he was satisfied with it but I did feel a little bit sheepish for not being able to pull this off easily.

On my way back, I wondered if its because I’ve been doing far too many bad guy roles that I now sucked majorly at lovey dovey ones. Qiaoyun thinks that its because I don’t find May attractive enough. On the contary, I think she looked just divine today, so that couldn’t be the reason.

Hmm, you know what? I think its because I’ve been single for far, far too long, that I think I have lost that loving feeling. Yes, that must be it.


16 Responses to “Lost That Loving Feeling”

  1. gracey says:

    I’m here to give you some loving like hugs or witty conversations to cheer you up..


  2. Aftiel says:

    eh you’ll always be a star in my eyes =)

  3. JayWalk says:

    To all great things, there is always a humble beginning.

    Hang in there. I am sure your big break is just round the corner.

  4. Princess says:

    Being single is no excuse.. because u still have the love from your frens.. be it real/reel life ones.. =D u can do it!

  5. starmist says:

    winter in which area? hmmm..
    fret not, persist on. =)

  6. naeboo says:

    awwww…. cldnt be that bad~

    get a massage lor/ 😛

  7. Ruok says:

    gracey, thanks. *hugs* back.

    Angel, aww shucks. :p

    Jaywalk, thank you for your encouragement but I hang very long liow. I swear my arms are longer than my legs already. :p

    Princess, its not an excuse, love from frens is different from romantic love lor….unless, in your case, its the same. Hur hur.

    starmist, i think u so smart u shld know lah. I shall persist, danke~

    naeboo, its really that bad. You can massage me the next time you come over. 😉

  8. Princess says:

    i encourage u den u bully me.. boohoo~ next time don comment liao..

  9. naeboo says:

    sure can!! but i charge extra for the fire and ice treatment! HAHAHAHAA

  10. Ruok says:

    Princess, I where got bully u, sayang you 都来不及.

    naeboo, ooooh fire and ice ….. 😛

  11. starmist says:

    vince, more imptly, who? laughs. i’m curious, so sue me. =P

  12. Qiaoyun says:

    Hey, you didn’t tell me your co-actress is May lor… She’s a very nice person, isn’t she? I played her sister before.

    Anyway, sometimes we act well, sometimes we don’t act well. There’s always a next time! More important is being in good form when you’re in a leading role! 😛

  13. Ruok says:

    starmist, many have left their names in the snow during this long harsh winter. Some have been covered by fresh snows, others by fresh tracks and some have left their mark indelibly, whereby no amount of snow could cover it up. You ask who, I ask which, may thy curiosity slaked for none by the name of Sue.

    qy, yeah she quite nice. She also smell quite nice… Anyhoo, I just want to be good form all the time lah, thats the standard I set for myself. “No part too small, no sacrifice too great”. 😉

  14. Princess says:

    since when did u sayang me?? hmmm….

  15. Ruok says:

    Princess, I already said I 来不及 …

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