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Lap Tops

Posted by Ruok On May - 29 - 2007

Today was the shoot for the short film styled corporate video.  I auditioned for a few roles, and  was gunning for the bad ass dude, but in the end, I got the one of a sleazy, horny customer instead.  Not bad, eh? 😉

Looking at the size of the cast and crew, this really didn’t look like a corporate video shoot at all.  If you stepped right in, you might be forgiven for thinking that its a film set instead.  Met a lot of familiar faces as well, and I was tickled pink when they made me wear the gangster polo tee from our movie as part of my wardrobe.  Which prompted the crew to go on about how much I wanted the gangster role in the movie lol.  These guys ah…

It was good to see Josephine again.  We first met when we were doing a dramatised reading for Theatreworks, and although we’ve been on the same projects recently, we didn’t really quite meet.  Which, as unusual as it sounds, is really quite normal in this industry.  Jo was last seen in an excellent portrayal of a wife/girlfriend of a victim of the SARS like virus in the Without Warning episode I was in.  This time round, she plays my mamasan. Kekeke.

Met Charlene as well, who greeted me with a “Mr Wong!?!” I last worked with Charlene on Missing : The Social Escorts and she was chiding me that I kenna the same kind of role again.  Yeah, right, I can’t help it if people like to see me being horny and sleazy et al, can I? >.<

I forgot to return the $100 which was given to me as a prop in the end.  I only realised it when I opened my wallet later in the evening.  But thankfully, the company has not threatened to send me a pig’s head.  😛

Nemy was on the same shoot as well and I found out that he too, is going for the competition. But he has always wanted to sing as well, so it was hardly surprising that he would go for it. I, on the other hand …

In between takes, I told him about what happened the weekend before last, and my misgivings about the whole situation.  And I told him my decision as well, that I’ll only do it if they called me up about it.  After all, I did sign on the bleeding freaking dotted line (actually it was a bold thick line, but I digress), and so I’ll honor it, I said.  Plus, there  might be repercussions for backing out, and seeing how I still depend on the station for work, I would choose to err on the safe side.

Besides, its been a week and a half already, so I really didn’t think they are gonna call me at all. And I’m certainly not going to call them to remind them about it.

But he was encouraging enough, telling me I was rather silly not to do this.  Sigh, but he’s not in my shoes, so I don’t expect him to understand.

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  1. JayWalk says:

    Looks like you are destined to be a chee ko pek…

  2. Ruok says:

    Yeah, doesn’t bode well for my love life eh?

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