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Posted by Ruok On May - 23 - 2007

This is like the coolest thing EVAR. Web TV!!! With loads of content! Am watching the International Music Feed right now, featuring the best music (and their videos) of the world. Really mind blowing man on a 20″ Wide Screen LCD. And the quality and connection speed is really not bad, even on my laghub MOL 12K.

Thanks to Mike, who was kind enough to offer the beta invites.

Not sure if I’ll get any, but in case I do, Woot! Just discovered how to invite peeps! Email me or something if you want in. 😀

You know what, I think the internet is really gonna kill the video star, just like how video killed the radio star.

This is gonna be so HUGE.

3 Responses to “Joost”

  1. sunshin3 says:

    oei, be a good brother hor. *koffs*

  2. jer says:

    i want too!! but hor.. chked out the site n it seems to have quite a few probs w mac *crosses fingers*

  3. -=@=- says:

    hello… would u be so kind as to send me an invite too?? pretty please?

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